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RELM_buttonSucking Sound: Not Safe For Work; David Ferguson from Rawstory and the forthcoming TRex podcast is here; Al Franken resigns from the Senate; Al Franken vs Donald Trump vs Roy Moore; We theorize about what happened to Trump and why he was slurring his words; Trump Eating; Recognizing Jerusalem; Harold Ford fired for sexual misconduct; Don Junior and Attorney Client Privilege; The tax bill and the GOP; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Omaha Steaks, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron and The Bowen Law Group. Go shopping until you're dropping using our TARGET LINK, our eBAY LINK, and our all new AMAZON LINK.


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  • Badgerite

    Wanna know who else has “consistently stood up for the marginalized”? Al Franken. Wanna know who else has said that people coming forward with stories have said things that were “not true”. Al Franken.
    Whatever happened to someone in their lives that might make them overly sensitive to what I would consider a normal and not at all threatening or inappropriate occurrence in a social situation, does not negate the fact that a male person putting their hand on your waist during a photo op and a “squeeze” of her waist does not rise to the level of “intimate” touching under any reasonable standard of decent behavior that we require of one another. To call that “groping” is simply not, to me, an accurate depiction of what one would call “intimate” or inappropriate touching. Taylor Swift had a man during a photo op put his hand down her pants. That is “intimate”. Not a hand “squeeze” with an arm around the waist for a photo op. These other women claim he squeezed their butt. And you know, if you have had any past occurrence in your life that would make one more sensitive to such a natural and nonthreatening occurrence, the remedy for that is to put your hand down remove the man’s hand from your waist and perhaps explain to them your particular circumstances that make you more sensitive to that than most people are. Not to write an article in the Atlantic about how you were “groped”.
    To me, that is simply not what she describes as having happened. And that she would attach that kind of loaded word to that is not OK. It just isn’t. It is unfair to Franken. What’s more I spent the weekend being appalled by what was described as common in the workplace for female clerks of Judge Kozinski on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
    This account is available at Willaim Baude@WillaimBaude who is Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Chicago.
    He linked to this account of what happened in support of his friend Heidi Bond. Compare and contrast the workplace run by Judge Kozinski and that run by Al Franken. I am sorry for whatever may have happened to the woman in her youth.
    But she is not helping anyone by attacking Franken for something that is simply not “intimate” touching by any reasonable definition of the word.

  • Seems to me the Franken resignation was too fast before we got all the fact and I got the impression that he felt he would have been vindicated that he did nothing wrong via the Ethic Committee investigation. OTOH I accept his reasoning that he felt he couldn’t represent the people of his state. So while I’m disappointed, I’m okay with it. Ultimately you’re right though about the larger point. The difference between the parties could not be clearer here….the GOP sanctions child molesters and we don’t even suffer accused sexual harassers (much less proven harassers).

    Trump being humiliated is on ALL of our Christmas lists.

  • The Franken thing looks a lot like Hippie Punching – when you’re getting slammed for being “too left”, you slap the shit outa somebody perceived to be “way more lefter” and that pulls your image towards the center.

    Another analogy is the scene in Ben Hur, when Messala condemns Judah’s entire household to an extent that’s not commensurate with the crime: “By condemning without hesitation an old friend, I shall be feared.”

    Two things:
    Never forget that in the end, this is about power. It’s always about power.
    Secondly, don’t underestimate how pissed off an awful lot of women are – anger is a very effective motivator.

    So it definitely looks like the usual crapola of Repubs playing the Hypocrisy Card, knowing the Dems will go into navel-gazing mode and practically implode under the weight of self-recrimination (I’ve been bitchin’ about that one for a long time). But I’ve had to come off that position a little. If Dems can use this to galvanize the big squishy middle into a “movement” (there is some evidence of this), then maybe it works out.

    But hey – we’re talkin’ Democrats here – there’s nothing that says they won’t fuck this one up too.

    Like driftglass & Blue Gal always say – If you want to win, you chop wood and you carry water.
    And when you lose, you chop the fuckin’ wood and you carry the fuckin’ water.

    This is a nice big pile of good work, Bob – keep doin’ that.

  • Badgerite

    Frankly, what Dupuy said in that article simply did not live up to the headline. What she said was that at a social event she asked Franken for a photo op for her mother and Franken put his arm around her waist and “squeezed hard twice”.
    To me, to equate this with abuse or taking liberties is utterly and completely ridiculous. For her to say in support of Franken’s accusers that she supports them because “it happened to me” is a totally disingenuous statement given what she actually described in the article. She said it offended her because it demeaned her professional stature.
    Uh huh. I think the standard of what would be considered offensive or harassment is expanded by her to the point of ridiculous and unreasonable. I don’t care who knows whom. Her claim to have been “groped” by Franken, to me, is not supported in fact by what she says happened. He squeezed her waist? Seriously? So what?

  • katanahamon

    So, we get rid of Franken, but Rump retains the presidency? I’m having a real problem with judging someone long after the fact on sketchy accusations. Also, if someone tries to kiss a woman, she rebuffs, then waits years, what crime was committed? Assault? Assault is a very well defined crime..if the lady in question didn’t think enough of the incident to report it not only years ago but when Franken was running for office, why is it appropriate to exact consequences now? And, if the incident or incidents in question cannot be legally defined as an assault, and any statute of limitations has long passed why convict someone and remove them from a productive role they have assumed in society? When he was running for office, not one of these accusers thought to say “he’s not fit for this,” but suddenly now it’s an issue? Why wouldn’t it be appropriate for Franken to have said “some of these accusations have merit, so I will complete my term and not seek re-election.”??

    We can only hope Rump is stroking out. Sorry, I’m going to hell, but..I’m hoping for a big, fat, stroke. Or a brain tumor imploding. Or a progressive neurological deterioration. Something that forces him to rely on others to have to care for him the rest of his life.

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