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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonMurders Murders Killings Murders -- NSFW; Our radio pal Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Bob goes in depth about how Facebook murdered The Daily Banter and many other publications; Trump's coked up ragegasm in El Paso; The Trump Reelection Campaign; Trump vs Beto on crowd size; Trump mocks Elizabeth Warren with Trail of Tears zinger; The Infuriating Double Standards; Steve Schmidt storms off his own show; and so much more.

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  • 🤓 Zero Dark Thirsty ✔ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It’s really disheartening to hear you call Zuckerberg “a terrible person”.. You demonize him the way everyone in media did to Hillary. I get the impression you really don’t know much about the guy, nor care, because you’re pushing a narrative. He’s spending millions trying to fix the issue of fake accounts and Russian interference along with fake news. Instead of demonizing him why don’t you go to his acct and make suggestions to him how you’d like to see a fix? As for the 2016 election, why not blame cnn and msnbc for 2 years of literally 24/7 demonizing Hillary (and it was 24/7 for 2 years) and their lack of vetting Trump? Why don’t you blame Bernie who’s NOT a Dem and his Bernie-bros? Or how about the the damn voters?

    It’s pretty scary to see what I’m witnessing. You and media are doing to Zuck EXACTLY what happened to Hillary.

  • debrianna2075

    so… you probably know by now that Amy Kklobuchar was the SNOWMAN (woman) and that is what disqualifies her and Gillibrand incorrectly ate the fried chicken and that disqualifies her and who doesn’t want to keep talking about friend chicken instead of policies or the emperor who has no clothes with his tiny, fat fingers on the nuke codes? BTW, i make a mean buttermilk fried chicken and you can eat it with whatever utensil you like so there. you qualify for the presidency. LOVED the convo oh wait, not Facebook.

  • I’ve been getting a lot of crap on other liberal sites about staying on Facebook. The ONLY reason I’m on there is to keep in touch with my large and widely scattered family who all live thousands of miles away from me. I no longer talk politics there and I get on there about once a week. But until there is a replacement and my family migrates over, I’m stuck with it.

    I stopped going to the Banter after Chez passed, mainly because IMHO there were too many click bait type hot take stories and I got bored with their take on things. It would have been better if Ben had diversified the writers by hiring some women. Just my two cents.

    The fact that the majority of people want to see Trumpov impeached provides me with no comfort because we don’t matter. I hate to sound so cynical but so long as the GOP blocks his removal, nothing else matters. And like T-Rex said, every day he is in office, he does more long term damage. I’m rapidly losing hope that Mueller will make any difference.

    • Badgerite

      Here’s the thing about the Mueller investigation. Most of what we now know, the role of Cambridge Analytica, the NRA, the many financial and other contacts between agents of the Kremlin and not just trump but the gop including Mitch McConnell, we would not know without Mueller’s investigation. Rohrbacher might still be in office and Kevin McCarthy might be Speaker of the House.
      Mueller has made a big difference. Even if they don’t get around to indicting or prosecuting trump til he is out of office. I don’t think Comey could have or would have done the kind of job that Mueller and his team are doing. And the truth will come out and it will be part of the public record. One way or another. And the people, the sovereign can act on the basis of that knowledge. That matters. A great deal.

      • I hope you’re right.

        • Badgerite

          Me too. But look what just came out in the last day or two. That Manafort and Gates met with Kilimnik in the Havana Room Cigar Bar to exchange proposals and information pertinent to the upcoming election.
          And they left by the back door so as not to be seen coming out together.
          Those who say there is no evidence are refusing to see the nose on their own faces. Remember back in the day when the BS line of everyone in the trump camp was that there was no contact with any Russians by themselves or anyone in the trump campaign? And nobody in the press seemed to question that? Remember when Michael Flynn was going to be in charge of all of our intelligence services? Now think about what we know about the extent of those Russian contacts today and where people like Flynn are today legally. There is a world of difference there. And there is more to come.
          Try as the gop will to downplay or cover it up. I don’t think that is possible any more. I think we can thank Mueller and his team for that.

  • Facebook is behaving exactly the way Rent Seekers behave.

    Zuckerberg owns that particular “public square”. Obviously, millions of us go there – mostly just to chat each other up – and the smart guys in marketing have figured out how to cash in on that Gathering Of The Great Unwashed by selling ads etc. But the hawkers will inevitably show up to sell their wares as well, and while FB has a reasonable expectation of turning a profit on their own efforts, they end up being assholes imposing a regime of Land Lords & Serfs – believing they’re entitled to a cut of everything whether they’ve earned it or not.

    I can post links to my little blog because I don’t matter – my corner of the Cyberverse would have to expand by orders of magnitude to qualify as minuscule – but linking to your content at (eg) Daily Beast, is seen as a threat to their empire because it’s considered a Missed Revenue Opportunity (a mortal sin in the Church of Our Blessed Investment), which presents any given FB Sheriff the chance to earn his paycheck by murdering the peasants who don’t pay for the privilege of digging a few potatoes on Lord Zuckerberg’s turf.

    The good news is that Facebook is a bit over the hump on the bell curve, and they’ll be heading back down the hill pretty soon.
    The bad news is that their behavior is starting to degenerate accordingly.

  • The KGB Ate Our Votes


    You are so right, Bob. We underestimate Trump at our own peril, and I, too, do not know how I will survive the coming campaign cycle. It is going to be so vile and so low and so vicious because, as you say, Trump is a desperate man who needs to hold the presidency to keep himself from being prosecuted for his crimes. At least during the 2016 campaign we could sometimes step back, take a deep breath and realize that, ‘Sure, this guy is a nightmare, but really there’s no way this clown is actually going to get elected’. This time we don’t even have that illusory comfort to cling to. And even though Buzz, bless his heart, brought along all the twittering forest animals today, it’s not doing anything to cheer me over the fact that Trump and the GOP are running on Democrats executing babies. Hell, by next February Trump will be claiming that we eat them.

    • Thanks, TKGBAOV.

    • Wait…..we’re not eating babies anymore? Geez, things change so fast these days.

      (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

      • Aynwrong

        I’ll have you know that I’ve never killed babies. I’ve only ever harvested their placentas to create a special new kind of human that can act as host bodies for the invading alien colonists.

        Comes with a good dental plan.

      • debrianna2075

        i hear the livers are great with a nice glass of Chianti. but then, again i’m Italian.
        (me either)

    • Badgerite

      Oh, just imagine. trump as a private citizen that anyone can prosecute for his many, many state and federal crimes.
      Financial and otherwise. And he can’t pardon himself or anyone else. If that isn’t an incentive to get out and vote Democratic for the presidency (Vote Blue No Matter Who) I don’t know what it. I get all excited just thinking about it.

  • katanahamon

    Banter has some negatives that may have held it back as a stand-alone website. I’m not going into it for several reasons, but, that’s the way it is. While your site, Bob, is an opinion site, you have live guests and analysis and I’d prefer my funding (when I’m settled) to go to you instead of Banter anyway. I’m sorry to see it go, we had a good crew of regular commenters I enjoyed reading. Facebook blows, and people should take back control of their information and online presence. I gave it up years ago.

    Why, why, why are we allowing Rump to lie in public? The R’s would have impeached President Obama for any lies. Why aren’t we applying any standards to Rump? Also, why hasn’t anyone asked who’s paying for these and how much total have we spent on this shit? Geez..sick of preaching this.. Well, if we are going to impeach, we’d better get on it..he might finish his term at this rate. Aside from emails and Comey you forgot Bernie and his attacks and his hanging on long past his expiration date. Pisses me off that they won’t charge the MAGA hat chimp that attacked the BBC reporter. It just encourages more attacks.

    Thanks for “Take On Me,” that’ll be in my head all night. Takes me back for sure. Rump lies, he’s a racist, a thief, a cheat, a criminal..he represents everything wrong in America with businessmen that are both ignorant yet pseudo wealthy. You know, the Northam thing just isn’t bothering me compared to Rump..if he’s been racist in office then I can see forcing a resignation, but, a thirty plus year old picture just doesn’t seem like a priority in comparison. Buzz, it may be too late already..Rump has made a financial time bomb with his tariffs and other policies. We are already seeing the double standard applied about how “let’s all force the left wing to speak and act the truth and report their every imagined or perceived flaw while ignoring Rump.” (Indians were also referred to as savages, which ppl aren’t getting in Don Jr’s tweet) Right, Buzz..the media won’t come out and say Rump is ludicrous, a liar, and this whole situation is a complete fuck all.