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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

What The Eff Is This All About -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump to pardon Bernie Kerik, Michael Milken and Rod Blagojevich; The Democratic primary shovel fighting continues; John Bolton teases major revelations in his book; Trump didn't destroy 100 percent of ISIS; The Roger Stone trial; More charges to come against Lev Parnas and other henchmen; Liberals who are circulating pro-Trump propaganda; With music by Soul Crackers and Yardsale; and more!

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  • mnpollio

    If the nominee is Bernie, he is getting my vote. If the nominee is Warren, she is getting my vote. If the nominee is Buttigieg, he is getting my vote. Hell, if the Democratic nominee is a C.H.U.D., it is getting my vote. Now is not the time to carp about what we may or may not have liked in 2016. Now is the time the save the future from Trump and his cronies. If everyone cannot get on board with that, then we are doomed. His base certainly is never going to leave him at this point, so it is up to the rest of the country to rally behind the Democratic nominee and then worry about our differences with that person (or that C.H.U.D.) after the fact. That is certainly a smaller obstacle to overcome than the horror of another Trump term. I have my differences in the past with some of Pelosi’s stances, but I agree 100% with her when she says that the country may have survived one Trump term, but it simply cannot survive another. If we even come out at the end of that, then what is left will look nothing like an America that anyone considered worthwhile.

  • katanahamon

    Bernie didn’t care about his negative effect on the last election, he doesn’t care about tanking this one either. I’m sorry, I’m very biased against him..I just don’t like him. Rump pardoning criminals..what does he have to do to wake up his f’ing base? I guess they just don’t care. No more clean air or water regs, tanking the economy with debt related to tax giveaways, tariffs, farmer bailouts, spending hundreds of years of presidential salary in golf trips, billions on a useless wall, the list goes on, and on, and on…I said elsewhere that the Republicans supporting all this need to go down too, not just Rump. Rump can’t get away with all this without evil ppl like McConnell supporting him. Now news says Rump offered to pardon WikiLeaks guy if he didn’t admit Russian involvement..yet more impeachable abuse of power and unethical behavior. I think Rump should be impeached again so it will be going on during the election..also the fact that it’s morally necessary. Biden just..belongs to the past, not the future. Like Bernie. I’m sick of all the revisionist history going on about Bernie..