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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

The Full Babadook -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here today; The Nevada Democratic debate; Warren's big night; Bloomberg's implosion; The Office Space Printer; Bernie's medical records, and reforming the presidency; Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months; The inevitable Trump pardon; Trump is the judge and jury for all of his fanboys now; Trump tried to sell a pardon to Julian Assange; Rohrabacher confesses; The demystification of the presidency; With music by Well-Known Strangers, and Alex Wong and Jesse Terry; and more!

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Well-Known Strangers – “Stuff It Down” from Path Away
Alex Wong & Jesse Terry – “Ten More Years” from Kivalina

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  • katanahamon

    Give an inch, give a mile..we’ve allowed the intrusion of fundamentalist religion into politics. Well, the Republicans fake that they believe to get into office. We’re still fighting Ten Commandments monuments being constructed on public land. When you allow the beliefs of ignorant people to dictate policy, it’s over. Ignorance can not be allowed..there’s a reason the founders pushed for the separation of church and state. Look at the presidential debates between Rump and Hillary..Rump proved he was an ignorant fool, and Hillary was criticized. It’s just a f’ing celebration of ignorance. Facts have no meaning expertise, no intelligence, no institutional bodies of knowledge and experience. The fact that the right wing is going to allow Rump, an impeached criminal to even run again is stunning. They are confirming that they don’t care he’s a liar, a criminal, a fraud, an adulterer, the list goes on. Despair..right, it’s despair time. Rump is President..