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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

RELM_buttonRoger Stone's Pointy Head -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; We track the hearing to determine whether Roger Stone's bail is revoked; Mueller could wrap up within days; This isn't the end for criminal investigations against Trump; Coast Guard officer plotted to kill prominent liberals; The Manafort sentencing memo; Russia is resuming its social media attack against Democrats; Trump lied about a wall video; Putin threatens American with a nuclear attack; Jody's Celebrity Sighting Of The Week; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    I meant to post something positive sooner..I’m a little late. Anyway..I’m getting inundated with the spring seed catalogs, and as usual there are some lovely new things. Here’s a post in the Territorial Seed catalog, a pretty new butterhead lettuce..they have a zillion great seeds in this website..check them out!

  • Great show today. Like sitting in on a phone call with my smarter younger cousins.

    And great to hear Wednesday’s conversation with Blue Gal & Driftglass – a solid primer on how to disagree on details &/or concepts while making common cause and working the fucking problem together. Excellent.

  • katanahamon

    Yes, Stone should have been tossed in jail. Judge said “this isn’t baseball,” implying three strikes wouldn’t be given, but, he wasn’t tossed in jail. He threatens a judge, tries to influence public opinion, and…gets another chance while being allowed to stay free and raise money for his defense. How many black people, or even white people that aren’t wealthy or famous would be given this chance? fact, if Stone does violate this recent ruling, he will have had three chances. Three more than any of us would get.

    Media is also to blame here..Guardian had Smollett’s story and face front and center all day..front page. Over anything Rump did, world events, Brexit..Smollett was far more important.

    Also, Bernie hired “diversity” experts for his campaign..why doesn’t he simply drop out and let a diverse person win instead of trying to ruin yet another election? Egotistical bastard…

    Oh well..try not to let the “manuretiae” get you down, Bob…

    • mnpollio

      An argument can be made for Sanders under diversity in that a Jewish candidate has never been allowed to win a presidency. That said, if he gets the nomination (doubtful), I am voting for him. If Harris or Booker get it, I am voting for them. If Warren or Gillibrand get it, I am voting for them. If an inanimate titanium rod gets the Dem nomination, I am voting for it. Trump cannot be allowed to stay in office…period.

      • katanahamon

        Yes, I will vote for Bernie if. However, it’s more likely his presence disturbs the whole process, because he’s cultivated his persona and campaign as an alleged “outsider,” he has a predictable strategy. Of course he’s going to do the same thing he did last time, which is act like a grumpy old man (sorry, even grumpier, even older man) and probably just give the right wing ammunition. He’s never committed to being a Dem, he’s going to use his alleged status to attack. He couldn’t win a primary last time, and we have plenty of qualified, younger and more diverse candidates. I just object to his ego, his methods, his presence. Yeah..sorry, I just don’t like all.