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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Fun -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Chez Pazienza Day; Coronavirus; The stock market is collapsing; Despite cable news, Bernie can win in November; Bernie and socialism; Salon Comment of the Day; Trump fired the pandemic response team; Trump trying to undermine the Supreme Court; The government purge continues; Russia trying to make us tear apart democracy; Trump is losing among Catholics; With music by Coral Gables and Luna Blu; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    Corona virus is the stock market’s least concern. There are mounting pressures and it has only been a matter of time before volatility set in. This was just the latest event to trigger it..look for increasing volatility as the tariffs, trade wars, financial decisions, tax breaks to the wealthy removing disposable income from everyone else force a market correction.

    Bernie still pisses me off. His followers too. Yeah, we are supposed to suck it up and vote for him, yet his followers said they were going to stay home for Hillary. I also don’t understand the revisionist history..either he was a superhero of productivity in Congress, or he was a downtrodden outsider..he can’t have been both. (He wasn’t either, but that’s a longer discussion..) I don’t think we learned anything from 2016. We see the same situation as the Republicans..a large field of candidates tearing each other up. Oh, except for Bernie..he’s still an unknown known in that we seem to just think (hope) he will somehow just disappear. He won’t, and it’s entirely possible he disrupts this election too.

    I’m still baffled how the Republicans justify running a criminal, impeached weasel again for president. I guess it fits their narrative of ignoring the rule of law, putting it back in liberals’ faces..”owning” us.. Oh yeah, who’s paying for Rump’s rallies, again?

    Miss you, Chez. I was fighting for disability at the time we lost you, I lost my career I fought for since I was eleven years old, I could relate to being depressed. I still can’t believe we have thus far survived Rump, although ppl haven’t understood the level of destruction Rump and the supporting cast of evil republicans have wrought.

  • jaq

    pretty much nailed it.. cable news has to perpetuate a neverending soap opera (24 hour non-stop “news” is a lot of time to fill).. if it’s bernie, then they’ll have to push the “socialist” storyline, if it’s pete, then it’ll be the hidden “homophobia” storyline, if it’s bloomberg, then there’s the “misogynist” storyline, elizabeth, then the latent “sexism” storyline, uncle joe would be non-stop “burisma”, etc, etc.. honestly bob, i think you should probably try to break your 24hour tv “news” habit.. i’ve gotten to the point where i maybe check a couple of hours of it in the evening while i’m making dinner (rachel and brian tend to at least TRY to take themselves seriously).

  • Michael B

    I’ve been in twitter jail all week. What’s new?