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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

RELM_buttonMemorandum Of Understanding -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here today; Trump's HOLD THE DATE tweet; Michael Cohen on the Hill today; Trump says Dems want to execute infants; The Born Alive Bill; Has Trump paid for abortions; Trump vs Reality on his China trade negotiations; Jeffrey Epstein and Alex Acosta should be a bigger story; The Oscars and Green Book; The beauty of music; and so much more.

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  • galileo126

    Ok Bob. You use Jay Ferguson’s “Thunder Island” on various shows. I finally broke down… dusted off my guitar, retuned the strings, and in 5 minutes I was playing it. It’s going to be days now for me to get that song outta my head. Thanks Obama…


  • KanaW

    Darn it!
    I listened to the free ‘cast, then went to Patreon to listen to the subscriber continuation, and it’s down. 🙁

  • Badgerite

    Cohen comes off as a man who was thrown under the bus by the person whose dirty work he did for a decade and whose family was threatened by trrump and his henchmen to try to intimidate Cohen into silence.
    In other words, he comes off as a guy telling the truth and just wanting to get all of it off it his chest.
    Because of this, he actually comes off as likable and committed to his parents and his family and as someone who is telling the truth. About everything.
    When the gop slams him for lying in the past and asks how can he be trusted now someone might want to tell those guys to look in the mirror and ask themselves that question. Really you could ask the entire gop the same question. About them, he seems to have no f*cks left to give.
    Cohen had a very good comeback. Being willing to lie was a requirement of working for trump then “as it is now”.
    Side eye to Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne ( ” I have no personal exposure”) Conway.

  • MOU:
    45* has to redefine those terms of art, and make it all nebulous, because he needs the SmarmSpace to wriggle out of it whenever it suits him.
    If he doesn’t like something about it later on – more likely, when he wants it to put more dollars in his pocket, or the pockets of people he needs those dollars to fill – then he’ll need an excuse like: “Well that’s not my understanding of the thing, and you didn’t really explain it to my satisfaction, and now you’re trying to hold me to account for something I didn’t agree to, and that’s not fair – and blah blah blah”.
    It’s the same play every fucking time.

  • There’s not enough money in the world to even get me to shake hands with Trumpov much less anything intimate….blech!!!

    Remember during the GOP Convention when he tried to kiss Pence? I can just see him moving in on those poor women like that. That disgusting Orange Turdblossom….

    All these stories about billionaires and their weird sexual proclivities is awful and often infuriating to me. For example, it’s driving me nuts how the the press is completely underplaying the sex slave aspect to the Patriot’s owner case…..Our press misses the most important aspects of those stories. WTF is wrong with these billionaires and their desire to have so much power over others, particularly women who so lack in power of any kind?!?!

  • katanahamon

    I had a friend that fancied himself a real womanizer. Oddly enough, women did respond to him, I never understood it. I witnessed him treating one girlfriend especially badly, she still came back for more. He’s on his third wife. I really don’t get it. But yeah, I’ve always thought that too..Rump The Chump is so gross, why has he ever had sex at all? I hope Cohen has some verifiable dirt on Rump. It’s way past time to dispose of him. Check out Axios, they’re reporting the separated kids at the border are being sexually abused, so, Rump The Chump is purposely allowing this as a deterrent, plus, I’m sure he thinks that’s good news.

    Isn’t cutting CHIP and health insurance tantamount to murdering kids? Aren’t unaffordable medications murdering kids? Shouldn’t allowing kids to be separated from their parents and then being additionally sexually abused be illegal? Bleh.
    There Buzz goes again..stating the Democratic Double Standard..we have to “be careful” how we accuse Rump of all his illegal bullshit. Yeah..that’s worked out great for us so far. Aren’t we tired of all that? As Jessie says..”he can’t keep getting away with it!” Trade..or rather, negotiating..South Korea is already saying Rump is making a fool of himself and the US. Yep, sorry, but we already knew how stupid, how malevolently, purposefully ignorant Rump The Chump is. Remember the debates?

    I was a professional, symphony orchestra brass player for twenty five years. I guess I didn’t think much about the relative ability of rock or popular musicians before I got a job, but, I learned my very first year about how amazing the musicians truly are. Doc Severinson, the Tonight show bandleader trumpet player was still touring and doing orchestra shows. He’s amazing, but during a break for himself he introduced his guitar players, they played a truly beautiful set. I had never realized how amazing electric guitar could be. After that I got to play with a zillion pop artists that did orchestra shows, some now deceased or no longer touring. I guess I thought classically trained musicians would be “better,” but..not necessarily true. Truly amazing musicians out there. (Disappointing ones too, like Kenny G..he can’t actually read music, the rehearsals were a nightmare..) For some reason, one really early pops show that sticks out in my memory was Bernadette Peters, she had a great show. I hadn’t heard her sing before that, but, she was great. Oh Buzz, with the western scale, there are twelve notes. My teacher in college would say this whenever I was tearing my hair out..”there’s only twelve notes, and you’ve played them all before!”