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Bob Cesca
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Free Soloing -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton from the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network is here; TRex is under the weather; The Democratic debate; The stock market is collapsing; Is Trump profiting from the market declines; Trump's completely incompetent press conference about coronavirus; Mike Pence's HIV record in Indiana; Drunk Larry Kudlow joins Pence's team; Trump is starting to sue people who said he colluding with Russia; Justice Thomas's wife is helping to compile the enemies list; With music by Marina Rocks and Kate Mills; and more!

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  • Badgerite

    Wow. David Brooks, in his NYT op-ed against Sanders, correctly states the most admirable characteristics of liberalism during all these decades that he has been arguing against liberalism. Better late than never.
    He might want to tell it to Mitch McConnell and the gop, though. Actual liberals already know this. So what was his punditry about all this time? He argued and fought against all of the things he now praises. He is as responsible for trump as anyone. Sanders is no where near the threat to democracy that trump and the gop clearly are. He doesn’t want to suppress votes. He doesn’t invite foreign actors to invade our elections. And he doesn’t encourage people to harm his critics. He has never proposed anyone avail themselves of their “Second Amendment solutions.” Etcetera. Sanders is not my first choice but probably the worst thing you could say about him is that some of his supporters as a**holes and were he to win the nomination and the presidency, he would likely get nothing much done. And to actually stay in power, since the gop would immediately try to impeach him, he would need that “demcratic establishment” he is always pilloring to keep the gop from going after him and his family. I would vote for a almost anyone over trump. I know what trump is and so does Brooks. And Brooks is more responsible for trump being where he is than any liberal he wants to try to lecture about “threats to democracy.” I will absolutely vote blue no matter who. Because the “Democratic establishment” is actually quite trustworthy. Adam Schiff. Nancy Pelosi. John Lewis. Kamila Harris. Jerry Nadler. These are trustworthy people. And they are courageous people. They will not knuckle under to anyone. Not even the leader of their own party.

  • katanahamon

    The market has been like a boardwalk over ever rising waters. Rump’s decisions have been adding weakening factors ever since he took office, removing disposable income from everyone except the one percent with the tax cuts, tariffs, really stupid economic decisions, so the pressure has been mounting, the swirling waters weakening the pilings, so it’s gonna get washed away inevitably. Forcing the people to pay outrageous health costs, rising housing costs, education costs, then taking away disposable income sets up the economy for disaster.

    The virus..bleh. Seeing the public wrestle with science is always painful. I guess we should be grateful that although this novel virus is serious, it’s about the best we can hope for as a pandemic test as it’s only slightly more contagious and slightly more fatal than the “regular” flu. (In terms of things like smallpox, yes, we are “lucky.”) Unless it mutates, of course. As far as Rump goes, it’s yet another test of the public swallowing the ridiculousness of the situation. What’s not funny about all this is we are seeing court decisions now coming down from the Supreme Court and other courts being affected by the stupid right wing appointees, so the rule of law is out the window. Well, logical rule..I’m sure we will see some crazy stuff in the future from all these appointees. Keep hand sanitizer in your car door, when ever you get back in from being out, sanitize your hands, wash them when you get home. Don’t touch your face outside of the home. Yeah, should have put that next to the virus discussion, but, I’m train of thought listening to the show.

    Just to let you know, the show broadcast in the black box, middle of the page, is Tuesday’s show with Buzz. The Art19 one higher on the page is Jody. Rump not mentioning the virus is just part of his whole philosophy..never admit failure, never apologize, never participate in a dialog that isn’t your own propagandistic message. Never say anything at all that doesn’t further your attacks on the opposition. Yeah..his campaign may have screwed up..a lawsuit discovery phase would be catastrophic for Rump.

  • Badgerite

    I would vote for an ash tray over trump. I would vote for Tulsi Gabbard over trump (#not you Tulsi). So Bernie Sanders isn’t exactly a tough call if he is the nominee. There really wasn’t anyone on that stage that I wouldn’t vote for over trump. Using hurting children and putting young children and teens in cages to discourage asylum seekers is simply not moral and cannot be tolerated. I want an Attorney General who actually respects our Constitution and is not an Ayatollah wanna-be. I want a clean and safe environment and I don’t want to wonder if I am going to be poisoned by our own food supply. i believe anyone on that stage in SC will change things for the better.

    • mnpollio


  • I have to be all picky-prickly for a minute:
    Please get a spit screen for Jody. I love what she has to say, and I hate listening to the pops and overloads.