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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonWashing Money Like A Kenmore -- NSFW; It's another Bob Cesca Show Roundtable to discuss the Michael Cohen testimony in the House Oversight Committee; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here, too, and of course the great David 'TRex' Ferguson of the TRex Report podcast joins us for our first ever four way show coming to you from Washington, DC, Georgia, Florida and Los Angeles.

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  • katanahamon

    Hey guys and gals, here’s another good article for you. If you’ve been frustrated with the right wing’s efforts at turning the system on its head to get their own way, check out this article from Vox about our parallels to the Roman Empire..or rather, its fall…

  • katanahamon

    Bit of least I thought it was funny..really struck my perverted sense of humor from the Guardian today,…

    “World’s No 1 bridge player suspended after failing a drugs test”

    Whew..I would have thought drugs to be a prerequisite for being a professional bridge player…I mean really..drugs testing….for bridge???

  • katanahamon

    Really angry (sigh..again…) this morning as I see various right wing blowhards out there making their various attacks. You’d never know it by their behavior that their president is a criminal, surrounded by criminals, many of which are already indicted or jailed. When will we fight back and ask the public if they are happy with these criminals lying constantly and covering up for each other?

  • RICO comes into play when you need a way to nab the boss even tho’ you can’t tie him directly to the actual commission of a given offense.
    Clinton’s DoJ used RICO to go after Sheik Abdel-Rahman after the ’93 WTC bombing.
    Less than about 10 minutes into the show, and I’m already diggin’ the fuck out of it.

  • katanahamon

    Yes..explosive, historic..and the media has buried the story two days after. This country is in big trouble…if we don’t get all these criminals prosecuted, there will be even less deterrent for this behavior in the future. Seems like now with the 24/7 Fox Propaganda Machine the right wing can simply live in acompletely fake, simulated reality right up until the point the police or FBI show up with the handcuffs, and they won’t admit anything is wrong unless that happens. David just said it. That’s what I get for starting to write before you’re finished.
    As far as the Repubs, good..let them glue themselves to this criminal. The reason Jordan and Meadows used this “strategy,” or rather behavior, is that so far, it’s working for Rump. More proof we are now existing in a propaganda war, not a fact based universe.

    No Buzz..Russia is still out there messing with social media. You see it in every comment section of major sites. Rump only thought (about his presidential campaign) he was going to make cash and improve his brand, winning really was a shock to him..although he immediately rationalized it in his mind by starting to believe his own propaganda. I really wish the Dems and media wouldn’t let the R’s get away with this collective memory loss, like whitewashing Cohen’s recent past as an RNC official, and being Rump’s personal attorney. It’s like it never happened, yet, it was what, only six months ago? You know..this is all so ridiculous..with all the ppl that have been indicted, implicated, jailed, yet theR’s are just still trying to play this like there’s nothing at all to it. Frustrating.

    Yeah..can’t believe Stone is still walking free. I feel that you or I would not be given these same chances. It just shows that these guys have zippo regard for the law. The law is only a tool for them to threaten other people (meaning poorer and unable to withstand legal threats and court costs) with. Hopefully 2020 won’t be an issue..if everyone does their job properly, Rump should be in jail by then. There are too many crimes we’ve finally uncovered. (We knew he was a criminal before, he’s only been pretending, now he’s not even getting the R agenda accomplished. I look forward to seeing him on defense every day now, and being handcuffed and dragged away.)

    Loved hearing everyone interact..hope that you guys will do this again.

  • galileo126

    Wow. EXCELLENT show!

  • Good Show. I like the panel format!

    Because of his narcissism Trumpov desperately wanted to win. Even if he didn’t want to actually do the job of President. I agree. Those two ideas are not diametrically opposed.

    I actually started to feel sorry for Cohen, which surprised the heck out of me. He was very contrite and did a good job. The way he has turned on Trumpov is very typical of people who come out from under the spell of a malignant narcissist.

    I have to disagree that Cohen will be in trouble in prison EXCEPT for hostility from the White Supremacists/Nazis. That is who he needs to worry about. Hopefully the Blacks and Hispanics will step up and protect him.

    When Buzz was saying “Good news kids…Mueller knows”…this popped into my head: “Mueller knows when you’ve been sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad or good…..”

    Part of me thinks nothing will come of this (precisely because of the naysayers who keep saying nothing new was learned–as IF what we have learned isn’t enough!!!). And part of me thinks, if we can’t get rid of Trumpov for all the crimes he’s been implicated in then our democracy is a frigging joke. I’m trying with all of my cynical heart to hold off on giving up hope.