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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonExecutive Time -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The State of the Union tonight; AIDS cure; Trump's daily schedule leaked by White House staffer; Trump's executive time; Trump refuses to listen to his intelligence briefers; The Face the Nation interview; A wonderful kindergarten; The Mueller Report; Prosecutors subpoena Trump's inaugural committee; Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax; and so much more.

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  • Chris Budesa
  • katanahamon

    This “executive time” debacle is like all the reveals only what we already knew and passes away like a drop of water in an Olympic size swimming pool. The SOTU should be eliminated as it is only a chance for him to lie. Have we figured out the “caravans of killers” aren’t showing up yet? Or that they aren’t actually “taking all the jobs”? Besides, what job will an unskilled, non English speaker be competing for with you? Why not talk about the destruction of eight years of prudent fiscal responsibility with the awful decisions made by this loser? We must stop giving Rump a platform, as difficult as that will be. Nothing comes out of his hamberder hole but stupidity and outright lies.

    I’m with IrishGrrrl in that I’m terrified Rump won’t be prosecuted. Unless he is, we won’t see any kind of progress in law, order, or equity in America in our lifetimes. This guy has gotten away with the most disgusting, egregious, obvious crimes and was still elected president. He still is..he’s making bank this whole time. His family is too..look at China’s granting of patents, his hotels, etc. Under Rump and the Repubs America is now just a free for all. Back to the work ethic thing, not working increases as people are moved up the financial or power ladder. Unless you are a worker getting stuff done where the rubber meets the road, there isn’t any oversight. I’ll include a link about a judge I found. Not the same judge in my case, but I recently finally had a hearing after waiting almost three years. I looked up my judge’s statistics for favorable vs unfavorable verdicts, and I learned this particular judge only cleared less than twenty cases in the last fiscal year. My hearing took less than eighty minutes. Turns out a lot of America has a very high quality of life for very little effort.

  • I’m sorry, watching Trumpov makes me physically ill. And I like Abrams but ended up being busy with my second job.

    Buzz saying “lard ass” wins the Internet today! Trumpov being lazy and diddling around is good so long as we don’t have a serious crisis of any kind. Then it will bite us in the ass. I like to picture him with one of those toddler harness and a Secret Service Agent holding the leash. I also like to think that if Trumpov gets overly emotional and makes a lunge for the Nuclear Football, the Agent can yank on that leash like a mofo.

    Bob, give the intelligence briefers a break….they don’t have a choice to deal with him and their efforts to communicate reality to him have gone to extremes already…I mean to scale models with the Statue of Liberty? Doesn’t that sound like they’re already going way above and beyond? It’s not like they can spank him or scold him for not paying attention. They don’t have ANY sticks (except maybe for leaking embarrassing things about him) and only have carrots to work with.

    The cynical part of me says even the Criminal cases against the Trumps will not bear fruit. I mean, in reality, how often do White Collar criminals get called to account much less the sitting President? It’s never happened and I’m afraid it never will. I fervently hope that I’m wrong.

    PS: I could do without the mental image of “Trumpov Toiddy Time” kthxbai