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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

We're A Bunch Of Suckers -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here today; We break down Trump's whiny and incomprehensible victory lap; Trump confessed again; Trump calls America "a bunch of suckers"; Trump roasts Steve Scalise for being shot; Chaos in Iowa; Looking ahead to New Hampshire; Trump's State of the Union disaster; The door at the end of Titanic; Matt Gaetz files ethics complaint against Pelosi; Trump's destruction of countless official documents; The coronavirus; WIth music by the Jason Lee McKinney Band and John Terlazzo; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    Half the public loved that speech. They’re delighted that we are “triggered” by Rump’s disgusting, nasty, unacceptable behavior. That’s where we are right now. Half the public exists in a fact free zone of right wing propaganda and misinformation, and until we demand truth in broadcasting and media, we can’t agree on the basic facts for political discourse. We not only need to demand this, we need to demand meaningful penalties for the purposeful distribution of lies. We now accept lies as a matter of course, every single day from the president. Yes, the president. Mitt Romney, for all his flaws, does need our support for at least finally standing up for the truth.

    Media needs to refer to the fact that there were no witnesses allowed in the impeachment every time Rump appears in public, instead of normalizing this farce/debacle. Who else is just sick of all this bullshit pretending that Rump isn’t actually completely insane and utterly corrupt?!? Jeez..what if they cheat their way back into the White House for four more years? Look at all the environmental disasters they’ve perpetrated, approving the bee killing pesticides, air and water pollution standards decimated, opening up monuments to drilling, the crazy judges they’ve installed, the upcoming Supreme Court justices about to retire..oh my god… It’s the hypocrisy..hypocrisy every day, to new heights, unbelievable quantum leaps in hypocrisy…ugh..I could rant on, but no good will come from it..