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RELM_buttonSleepy Grandpa: Not Safe For Work; Kimberley Johnson, author of Peyton's Choice is here today; We recap the State of the Uniom without any clips; The fire hose of news and the four aspects of Russian propaganda; Trump lied about his SOTU ratings; White House is worried Nunes memo is a dud; Nunes refused to say whether the White House helped draft the memo; An Order of Ineptitude; Chris Wray won't resign; Trump asked Rosenstein for his loyalty; Hope Hicks and obstruction of justice; Joan Walsh, Feminists and Hope Hicks; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Omaha Steaks, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron and The Bowen Law Group. Go shopping until you're dropping using our TARGET LINK, our eBAY LINK, and our AMAZON LINK.


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  • Badgerite

    They are kidding. No one shouted out, “You lie” during his speech. And God knows, that would be justified given how much trump,,,,,you know,,,,,lies.

  • Excellent points on The Fart-Breathers of the Greenwald Left.
    And it’s NOT just about winning or losing – although that has a lot to do with it – mostly, it’s about losing to GOP Daddy State candidates (whose ideas are obviously inferior) by refusing to stop throwing shit in our own way.

    Good show.
    BTW – it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we heard more from Ms Johnson.

    • Ziggy Blue

      Go to Patreon and buy “Start Me Up,” Kimberley A. Johnson and Steph Walton’s podcast. It’s poignant, funny and entertaining. You can’t go wrong. (Finally, I added the 2nd “e” to your name, Kimberley.)

    • Draxiar

      In reference to what Ziggy said…

      Star Me Up is damn solid show and I love it. I also recommend their after show “And Another Thing.”.

  • I can’t listen to the Post Mortem anymore so I will have to weigh in on Jack Posobiec here. I “knew” him online before he became a alt-right wunderkind. He was AngryGOTFan on Twitter and was a sore on the ass of the Game of Thrones community (which I was heavily involved with at the time). He started out kind of funny but as people started to ignore his GOT gag he started getting desperate for attention so he started trolling the community (while also allegedly stalking some women who wanted nothing to do with him). When that failed he switched to the Trump Train to fulfill his constant attention needs. Basically I don’t believe that he is a true conservative so much as a fame whore who will do absolutely anything to get noticed. The BEST way to deal with him is to simply ignore him.

    Milbank was probably just looking for something new to write about. Because “both sides”…..Or he, like the rest of the MSM, is absolutely desperate to normalize things. I simply cannot fathom why they feel this compulsion for normalization. I just don’t get it.

    Whatever you think about her motives and her responsibility, I think we can all agree that Hope Hicks is definitely in WAY, WAY over her head. But ignorance isn’t an excuse, particularly when working in the White House. There is little room for error and that’s why having incompetent people there is so goshdarn dangerous.

  • katanahamon

    Plus..revealing this “memo” has implications for foreign intelligence services’ willingness to share info in the future..if political parties are going to weaponize, politicize then and reveal methods, we can forget about getting other countries cooperation in the future..they don’t want their own processes revealed or have their agents put in danger. Shortsighted..

  • katanahamon

    Yes..we’d much rather hear you guys talk! Way to go! The late night comics were torture to watch with all the smarmy Rump clips.. It’s unfortunate you don’t do a show 24/7..seems like even dumber stuff always happens after the show! Geraldo bragging today that “Nixon wouldn’t have had to resign” if Hannity had been there..ugh! Guess they don’t get “wrong vs right,” it’s a tough concept. Rump attacking our basic foundations now..we’re in trouble if we can’t get a majority back. Chile creating massive national forest lands while today in Utah, mining claims open on the Bears Ears and Escalante, Grand Staircase areas stolen by Rump. This “assault” of news is definitely their plan. Look at his medical Rump 6’4” today?,..he’s a growing boy, apparently. Calls to can Nunes are going flat, unfortunately. I never thought America could get to this point..white supremecy, Repubs trashing the DOJ and FBI, Repubs actually following, lying for, supporting a treasonous liar..

    Geez..Fox talking couch lint discussing the pee tape saying “it’s not true because how could you sleep in a pee soaked bed.” O…m..”…..g..

    • Ziggy Blue

      Good point about the late night shows, I love, love, love Colbert, but his Tuesday show had waaayyyy too many Drumpf clips. It tamped down whatever humor Colbert tried.

  • Ziggy Blue

    Thank DOG, no Drumpf sound-bites. It’s infuriating listening to him so I thank you for omitting the Orange Asshole’s blathering. And, yes, thanks for the best co-host, Kimberly A. Johnson. (Not that the other co-hosts aren’t fantastic. They sure are.)