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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonVery Weapons Talented: NSFW; The great David 'TRex' Ferguson is here; The CNN gun control town hall; Wayne LaPierre at CPAC; Trump motorboated the NRA on Twitter; Trump wants a public school arms race; Trump's listening session with massacre survivors; David Hogg getting death threats; Thomas Friedman scores with new Trump editorial; Manafort caught bribing bank official; Nunes tweets to Russian trolls; Trumpers whine about Twitter banning bots and trolls; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Seat Geek, Beach Body OnDemand, Omaha Steaks, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron and The Bowen Law Group. Go shopping until you're dropping using our AMAZON LINK.


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  • katanahamon

    These money guys really, really, really disgust me. You’d think making a few million bucks would be enough, but no..they have to find loopholes, offshore tax havens, then cheat their way out of what fair taxes they owe, and do illegal deals to make yet more money. Greed, greed, greed..fucking lock them up.

    • Draxiar

      The Money Man, that’s right, Eddie Money…

  • katanahamon

    David..make sure you get proper electrolytes. I’m betting your digestive episode before set you up for what happened. Most people don’t get enough potassium and magnesium. Also, there’s a new strain of A. Reuteri, number 30242, helps you get more vitamin D and other stuff, lowering LDL naturally. Glad you’re recovering!

    Until we get a Dem majority, the massacres will continue. And hopefully they will wake up the populace to realize we are merely herd animals to the republicans so the NRA can raise money to hand over to politicians for their votes. The second amendment is an amendment..we can always write another one. Time to regulate the shit out of ammunition. If we can’t confiscate the weapons, we must regulate the ammunition. I’ve made the comparison to pain patients before, but it’s harder to get opioids that you need for pain than it is a mercenary favorite assault weapon. Pain patients are forced to get brand new scrips every thirty days with all kinds of other restrictions, paying a full specialist doc visit fee every time. Guns should obviously be regulated further than that. And no, Rubio gets no credit for showing up..he was only trying to protect his getting money from the NRA, or making points with them so he gets a raise. This is all hideously disgusting..hypocrisy and emperor’s new clothes…Rump is a serial adulterer rapist prostitute payer offer, not to mention a business cheater failure and tax cheat and all around shithead..his being in the position of president to comfort massacre victims is sickening.

    Bump stocks? Banning them won’t do anything. Even banning all assault weapons won’t do’s of course a rational start, but..look at all the loopholes. Teachers with guns? How easy would it be for students to corner a teacher and get their weapon? What if a teacher freezes like the Parkland security dude? Their life is ruined..then what if they kill a student in the process of trying to take out an active shooter? And the fact we are actually having to rationally discuss arming teachers..completely ridiculous.

    The biggest threat to our democracy is still propaganda from Faux news and the Rightwing. Rump is only the ultimate achievement, but he’s the product of all the brainwashing bullshit from Rush Limbaugh, Faux, AM hate radio, etc. Rump must be jailed before he starts a war with N Korea.

  • Badgerite

    What kind of %%^$$&&*##&&** needs ‘crib notes’ to tell him to try to react like a human? POS.

    • We Two

      LOL, “Il Duce.”

      • Badgerite

        He really is though. He and Mussolini have a lot in common including the need to try to dominate others in the room. And then there is the chin thing. And the buffoonish behavior.

  • The KGB Ate Our Votes

    T-REX! He lives!!! Welcome back, Dave.

    • Aynwrong

      Up vote for the screen name.