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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonBubba The Love Sponge -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The 2020 Democratic convention city has been announced; My tweet about Bernie and the vice presidency; Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment question; Tucker Carlson said horrible things on the radio; Erik Prince totally humiliated on Al Jazeera English; With music by John Flywheel and Jim Cesca; and so much more.

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  • I agree…I don’t think Pelosi screwed up by saying Trump wasn’t worth impeaching. I think she is being politically smart.

    I don’t think that Trump would resign to save his kids. I think he would let them hang and then play the victim.

    Cross your fingers that Fox sends Carlson off to a farm upstate.

    • mnpollio

      If Trump is not worth impeaching, then who is? The man is swimming in corruption and has more time left to go. While Nancy (flashbacks to how she handled Bush/Cheney) once again checks her spine at the door, how many more judges will Trump get to insert in the justice system like poison pills ready to go off in the future? How much more gerrymandering will be done to limit the impact that political opponents to this agenda will have at getting elected in the interim? How many people will lose their health coverage and their lives in the interim? How many more families will be physically torn apart in the interim? How many more allies will be compromised or lost in the interim? How many more secrets and people will be destroyed or sold out to the highest enemy foreign bidder so that Trump can get more money in the interim? The list goes on and on about the damage this man can do if not held accountable in some way other than waiting for another election. And, heaven forbid, he gets in again through more chicanery. Do we allow him another four years to desecrate the country because Nancy Pelosi thinks an impeachment trial will “divide” us. Newsflash, Nancy, we are already divided and you helped set the stage for Trump by not holding Bush/Cheney accountable on anything. Impeachment was envisioned as precisely the remedy for something like Trump, although I do not believe that the founders envisioned something as awful as he or that the opposing party would be too timid to do anything about him other than launch an abundance of investigations that seem destined to inform us of his broad scope corruption and yet ultimately do nothing about it. If the Dems allow this to go on and no penalties are meted out because the fight would be just too hard for their fragile selves, then buckle up because they have given Trump and the Republicans carte blanche to go balls to the wall all out in the future without even a minimal threat of reckoning. I am now waiting for Nancy Pelosi to start lecturing us on the importance of “bipartisanship at all costs”.

      • Pelosi didn’t say 45* isn’t worth the effort to impeach. She said there has to be a critical mass in public opinion – it’s a political process, not a legal proceeding. If they go after it now, the risk of a bad backfire effect is too great, and Trump isn’t worth causing further damage to the republic. There’s nothing Cult45 needs more than Division.

        Until or unless the Senate Repubs start to feel pressure from the Red Staters, impeachment (which has to lead to removal from the office) isn’t viable.

      • Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. He is worth impeaching, if only to stand up for the rule of law. So I disagree with what Pelosi literally said. OTOH I don’t think she meant he will never be worth impeaching…I think, like Buzz said, you have to add on the word “now”. I honestly think she is simply heading off the GOP’s criticism of Dems that they’re leaping to judgement before Mueller’s report has even come out. Once Pelosi feels there is enough evidence to force the Senate’s hand or at least make them pay a political price for failing to impeach him, she will start advocating for impeachment. Pelosi doesn’t back down from fights. She’s just strategically placing herself in preparation for the fight she knows is down the road.

  • katanahamon

    “Don’t denigrate the other candidates..”..well, Buzz, what else does Bernie do? I’ll leave it there. (I’m sorry, I just think he’s an arrogant, senile twat. I’d rather see Hillary run again, but, she is trying to to the best she can for America, and even though she won the popular vote already, she’s allowing other, younger candidates to have a shot.) I want to know why the media is trying to sell Biden..I really don’t get it. I think it’s incredible that ppl talk about Rump running again. Yep..I’m disappointed that Pelosi said that. The Repubs are just liars and cheats now, they’re not interested in making anything better for us, it’s terrible that they think as long as they have power by the 51% they will do anything they want. Rump is a criminal, yes, he should be impeached. A Dem would be. In fact, a Dem would have far more investigations than even Rump is being subjected to. Saying that because Repubs won’t vote out a criminal well, then, we won’t bother is a rotten precedent. It’s not naive, I mean, my god, there’s a right, and there’s a wrong.

    Also, they’ve attacked and demeaned these fundamental legal levers and our system. We must restore some dignity. Rump’s damn twitter feed has completely ruined any integrity of the current office of the presidency..we look less dignified than ..anywhere. My god, he’s hired his f’in children, forced security clearances, advertised his own businesses, his circle has been indicted, prosecuted, incarcerated or resigned, he lies approximately eighty billion times a day..More and more illegality is uncovered every day. And, we aren’t talking about it, but, the crazy fundamentalists he’s appointing to lifetime judgeships will haunt us for ..well, our lifetimes.

    In the future there won’t be a Judge Amy Berman to “throw the book,” but there will be many Judge Ellises to let every republican off, eliminate abortion, prosecute journalists, and every other crazy scenario you can imagine. I just had my disability hearing, and trust me, once you’ve sworn in, they own your ass. When you leave that courtroom, they will have determined the rest of your life. Why do we not discuss how the Repubs stalled all the Obama nominations and stole a Supreme Court seat? What mechanism will we have to recall the Judge Ellises of our broken system?

    Sorry Buzz..ppl have been killed by chiropractors doing high velocity maneuvers..those blood vessels in the neck are delicate. Go to a chiropractor at your own risk. All injuries, even micro injuries are cumulative in the neck. Believe me, I know..I have several pieces of hardware in my neck. Been there, done that with chiropractors, medical therapists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, massage therapists, etc.

    Don’t you wish all reporters could follow up like this guy? You know, actually ‘know facts,” and press people to answer the questions?