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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

RELM_buttonStar Penis -- NSFW; The Goth Ninjas Jody Hamilton and David 'TRex' Ferguson are here; Huge bombshell from Jerry Nadler about Matt Whitaker and Trump; Manafort sentenced; Manafort indicted in Manhattan; Trump and Manafort's lawyer lied about collusion; Hecklers shout down Manafort's lawyer; Adam Schiff and Trump's money laundering; The Democratic field so far; With music by Mia Montenegro and Richard Turgeon; and so much more.

Music featured on today's show:
Mia Montenegro - "In These Clouds" from Somewhere In Between
Richard Turgeon - "Bad Seed" from In Between The Spaces

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  • Just FYI, Huaxtla is pronounced “Whhhat-la”

    I’m not excited by Beto. I want a woman as the nominee. Will I vote for “He who shall not be named” if he ends up being the nominee? Yes. I would vote for a bag of rocks if they opposed Trump. But I WANT, REALLY WANT, a woman. It’s heartening that we have several good choices this time around.

  • katanahamon

    Pop singers really need to take instruction about their vibrato. This one is right on the edge of nanny goat vibrato. Also, their voice is either not very strong, or not produced properly so its natural volume is being squelched. The tone is good, not a squeaky soprano, but a rich mezzo. I’d like to hear more. Perhaps the greatest voice on the planet is Cecilia Bartoli..check out her all Vivaldi concerts and contains songs some of which were for castrati, just unbelievable. Even if you despise opera, the songs are still relatable.

    (Anyone remember Barbra Streisand in the..70’s attempt on art songs? We studied that in music history at was actually good)

    “Star Penis” is in the X rated version of “Guardians of the Galaxy”…

    Enjoyed the great show, boys and girl..