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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Put Dat Cookie Down -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here today; Stephanie Miller's Patreon; Tulsi drops out and endorses Joe Biden; Coronavirus news; Trump signs House bill with sick leave and unemployment benefits; Arnold Schwarzenegger's hilarious isolation videos; Trump's horrendous press conferences; OAN and Chinese Virus; Dana Bash falls for Trump's football trick again; Hydroxychloroquin; Trump's non-joke joke about the press; Good news about cures; Disinformation and some guy on the internet; Don Junior's latest conspiracy theory; The economy continues to melt down; With music by Richard Turgeon and Kaz; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    Well, “I heard” the virus hot spot is Mar A Lago..maybe we should call it the “Mar A Lago” virus. Maralago A. Nice ring to it. Won’t irritate Rump at all.

  • Don P

    The point of the “Chinese virus” issue is getting a little lost, I think. Playing to the MAGA crowd, working to the election, all the stuff is second order, a fringe benefit. The REAL reason he does it is to get us off the subject of his incompetence/quasi- criminal behavior in all of this. He’s a WWE heel, out there getting the crowd to boo him. I don’t think we’ll have any way of truly measuring the lives & productivity (in terms of disrupted lives) lost because of his malfeasance; nor will we be able to find out about most of the stuff until he is the hell out of the White House.
    There MUST be a reckoning for this.

  • Badgerite

    Here’s the thing about the phrase “the fundamentals are sound” that you always hear from the gop right before they inflict another terrible disaster on the country and crash the economy in the process. The ‘fundamentals’ are not ‘sound’ and they haven’t been sound for decades. The health of the economy can never really be separated from the overall health of your society. It is one of the reasons command and control economies and ‘central planning’ and ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ never really works to provide the promised benefits.
    It is also one of the reasons ignoring and denying science for short term gains ( see tax cuts and packed courts) will come back to haunt you. Who in their right mind would cut funding to the Center for Diseases Control? The gop made a choice to goose the market and reward their campaign donors instead of allocate our resources as a society to place the health of our society and the world on a sound footing. They have done this for decades. In terms of our schools, our healthcare system, our infrastructure, our environment, our energy system and our political system. An unchecked pandemic is merely the first of disasters to result from such stupidity. Global warming and climate change are real. And the consequences of ignoring it will be real as well. Just as this pandemic is real. Shutting whole segments of your population out of decision making, otherwise known as gerrymandering and voter suppression, only makes your society miopic and short sighted. And a price will be paid for this. By everyone. Everyone.

  • Michael B

    Tulsi is auditioning for Fox & Friends.

  • katanahamon

    So..Burr apparently sold off 1.5 million in stocks while downplaying the virus in public, yet telling other politicians the shit was about to hit the fan. Ethics, emoluments, grift, graft, just unbelievable. If the redhats can’t see what’s going on, they just don’t deserve to f’ing live. If you want to explore a supplement that might actually help, try N acetylcysteine. It’s used in cystic fibrosis for helping lung function, it’s the only antidote to Tylenol poisoning as your liver uses it to form glutathione to detox everything. Do your own research, but it may help prevent viruses from bonding with cells, and helps your liver have the fuel to do its job.

    It’s interesting how we had a 5.7 earthquake yesterday here in Salt Lake, enough damage to close the airport yet it hasn’t made a blip on the news cycle. Talk about a sucky wake up..I thought my home had a demon trying to toss me out of bed.. I thought, well..this should certainly help with the hoarding issues..then I had a mental flash to the Gary Larsen cartoon from Far Side of the crisis clinic on fire going over the falls. One headline was “Earthquake knocks out coronavirus hotline.”

    We’d better not bail out all these sucky industries that have already benefited from tax cuts. Like the airlines that handed 50 billion to their shareholders. Isn’t it appalling how selfish and completely un self aware how ppl tweeting things about how, oh, like the (rich, privileged) soccer players saying they’re going stir crazy after about two days of self quarantining. Boo hoo for the poor soccer stars..ppl are dying, and others are inconvenienced..geez.

    Yes..I’d love to see Elizabeth Warren. That’d be great. So sick of the repubs right now, fiddling as we burn, not even just fiddling, but profiting and destroying. Keeping migrants prisoners will end up becoming a death sentence..and then become a historic crime against humanity. No, they aren’t endangering us..ppl have already died, more on the way. We are way past reckless endangerment. This historically insane presidency has now met a real, country and world destroying problem, and we are seeing him act exactly the same as he has been all along, completely incompetent and inept. Sickening.