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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonCars And Hermit Crabs -- NSFW; The Goth Ninjas Jody Hamilton and the great TRex David Ferguson are here for Threeway Thursday; Trump can't stop saying NO COLLUSION; ISIS was supposed to be defeated last night; Devin Nunes is a whiny diaper baby; Nunes gets owned by Twitter; Cowtown Funk; Cowardly Trump keeps attacking a dead guy; Roger Stone pleads the Fifth; Hope Hicks cooperating with Nadler; The 17 Trump Russia investigations; Steve Doocy and the Electoral College; Go Andrew Gillum; With music by Substance Abuse and Monday Favors; and so much more.

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  • mnpollio

    I have been cautious about putting too much faith in Mueller from the start, but too many kept acting like I was being too cynical. There seems to be this meme that if a Democrat needs to be investigated, then only a Republican can head the investigation because Democrats will cover it up. If a Republican needs to be investigated, then only a Republican can handle the investigation because the Democrats cannot be trusted to be fair. At no point is a Democrat ever allowed to lead the investigation and (stupidly) the Democrats go along with this bilge in the spirit of fair play and bipartisanship. So I thought everyone casually agreeing that placing life-long Republican (and Bush flunkie) Mueller in charge was such a great development was naivete in the extreme. Coupled with the fact that the mainstream media and too many silly Democrats were endowing this guy with such gifts as to seem that they were deifying him – it stunk of the same kind of fawning coverage that David Petreaus received when he was going to give us his “unbiased views on the Bush strategy in the Middle East” that were a foregone conclusion before he opened his mouth. I was afraid we would end up with Mueller dragging this out and then just giving Trump and his cronies a pass at the end – and that is exactly what happened.

    I work in two law offices and even the conservative leaning attorneys are astounded that Mueller could not decisively go after Trump on obstruction charges in what should have been a slam dunk based on his public statements alone. It literally took Mueller two years to cough up a shoddy cover-up for Trump and then claim he is uncertain about the obstruction – oh, but he did not “exonerate him” which gives Mueller some cover if the truth comes out later. So Mueller claims no collusion, but yet he cannot seemingly explain why Trump and his inner circle were cavorting so frequently with the Russians, why they repeatedly lied about their meetings, and why when caught out they lied even further. None of this is the behavior of innocent people and Mueller looking the other way on all of it is telling in the extreme.

    And I know there are pundits bending over backwards giving Mueller a pass on this and trying to find the rose in the cesspool, but let’s face. Trump and his cronies in the White House were high-fiving each other over this nonsense and now that he is emboldened beyond belief, expect the following to happen:

    1) He will enact the most draconian punishments on all and sundry that he sees as enemies. If you thought he was bad before, just wait now that Mueller has given him a pass and the go ahead.

    2) The Republicans will proceed full steam ahead on destroying the social safety net, separating families and caging children, trampling on anyone who tried to hold Trump and them accountable, vilifying minorities and trying to incite violence against them, packing the courts with flunkies that will rubber stamp anything they do, and undermining both journalism and the US intelligence service. And let’s be honest, Mueller’s “findings” were most definitely a slap in the face of the intel on Trump.

    3) Enough Democrats will weaken and fold, led by the returning-to-form Nancy Pelosi (who returned her spine to the closet after some strong initial stands against Trump), who will now take on the same role she did under Bush/Cheney – wringing her hands from the sidelines and doing nothing to hold the Republicans accountable. Expect lots of speechifying from her in the future using such great golden oldies as “doing what is good for the country”, “looking forward and not backward” and reminding us that the only option is to vote the Republicans out in 2020, but in order to do that she really, really needs your money! Lots and lots of money!

    I am kind of curious to see what Buzz Burbank has to say now. Despite my reservations, his continued passion (foolish as it turned out to be) about Mueller “being three steps ahead of Trump”, “playing three-dimensional chess”, and “knowing so much more than any of the rest of us” [not exactly true since at least the preliminary overview of the findings show a report that could have been compiled one month out from the investigation start] darn near won me over or at least aroused some snippet of hope. Now, I am curious whether Buzz will white wash this [claim we should be happy over the indictments of Manafort, Flynn and Cohen, and a gaggle of Russians that will never be within reach of US justice] and admit that we got bamboozled yet again by another “very serious” Republican who was more than willing to sell out to cover for his party of choice.

    The moral of the story is never trust a Republican, no matter how reasonable seeming they try to make you think they are. In fact, be more scared when they camouflage their soullessness and avarice behind a facade of faux trustworthiness.

  • katanahamon

    Republican Mueller shows his true colors, Rump gets away with it..again. Why can’t we even get his tax returns, or the whole Mueller report without it being interpreted for us by his appointee??

    • Badgerite

      Bullshit. trump and the gop show their true colors which if you haven’t seen before now you are color blind.
      Mueller’s report, I’m sure, is quite damning in terms of the contacts that went on between the trump campaign and Russians close to the Kremlin. There is a reason Barr is working so hard to bury the report itself and keep it from public disclosure and it is simply that I’m sure it documents all the untoward figures associated with the Russian mob and the Kremlin that trump and his people, (see Manafort) had extensive contacts with before and during the campaign. The truth of their ‘collusion’ is in the details that Barr is trying so hard to keep from public view. I can accept that Mueller came to the conclusion that he could not prove that trump or his cohorts actions in colluding with the Russian campaign to interfere in our elections rose to the level of criminal activity that could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. It is one thing to say we cannot meet the burden of proof required of a statute. It is another to claim as Barr does and the gop does that there was no basis for belief that trump and his campaign were willing accomplices to what Russia did. Of course, they were. And they lied about it to the public during the campaign and after. There were literally a hundred contacts with Russians and they lied about it. A lot. This, of course, is why Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself from the Russia investigation and why there was a Special Counsel appointed in the first place. Sessions had literally lied under oath during his confirmation hearings in answer to Al Franken’s question as to the possibility any contacts between any Russians and the trump campaign when Sessions himself had actually had meetings with Kislyak. Several meetings I believe. The fact that the head of the FBI, a Republican, had been fired after trump had literally tried to get him to drop the investigation, ( see Nixon and obstruction of justice, that is that there was no evidence that Nixon ORDERED the break-in at the DNC but tons of evidence he tried to shut it down to protect his political position – see corrupt purpose) indicates a clear knowledge of of all the contacts and collusion there was on his part and on the part of his campaign.
      So to try to pass this off as “exoneration” it just ridiculous. Of course it is not anything of the kind.
      What’s more, even Barr admits that the Mueller report is clear that Russian intelligence did indeed mount an extensive, risky and clearly illegal campaign to help trump and harm Hilary Clinton. And that trump and his campaign and his family were well aware of it.
      We now know how extensive this Russian intelligence operation was because the Mueller investigation established the evidence for it. Consider what was not known at the time this investigation began.
      The trump tower meetings. The hundred or so contacts with Russians who had contacts to the Kremlin.
      The illegal hacking operations Russian intelligence of the DNC, RNC and state voter rolls of around 29 states. The actions of Russian intelligence in fronting a Russian ‘academic’ who was given access to personal user data by Facebook that was passed along to the Russian propaganda operation and troll farms. The role of the now defunct Cambridge Analytic in spreading that propaganda and how it affected the election outcome.
      I believe it is that evidence as much as any thing that Barr wants to bury.
      Consider what we knew before the investigation compared to what we know now. That is what trump was trying to keep from happening.
      And that information has to be transmitted to the Congress in full so that legislation designed to protect the integrity of our elections and our sovereignty can be crafted by the Congress and signed into law. faI think there are a gazillion ground on which to impeach trump. But my main concern would be to ensure the future integrity of our elections for the Russians and the trumps of the world will pray on the vulnerabilities in the system until theya re fixed. Mueller has given us the information we need to do that. That the danger exists and is being exploited.
      As far as facts are concerned, trump is about as ‘exonerated’ as MBS was ‘exonerated’ of the murder of Khashoggi.

  • sistahfromanotherplanet

    Dayum, T Rex, show us on the doll where the entire midwest hurt you.

  • I’m a Civil War nerd too. Nothing to be ashamed of, Bob. 😉 Another good show!

  • Badgerite

    Good music. Substance Abuse ( the band ) is great.