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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Angry Jody -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; How we're dealing with the pandemic; Swimming with sharks at the grocery store; The stimulus bill; The pandemic of stupid; Jobless claims skyrocket; Trump ignored the 2016 pandemic playbook; Trump is stonewalling a UN resolution because racism; Happy Birthday to Nancy Pelosi; Trump pastor says the virus is because of the gays; A truth commission; NBC and CNN will stop airing the Trump Show; Georgia and Louisiana postponed their primaries; Texas and Ohio ban abortions; Trump's approval numbers; With music by Option Y and Quivvver; and more!

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  • Scopedog

    We’ve got a pandemic going on…and yet, I’m laughing, crying, and just enjoying what I’m hearing. Bob, thanks–and please be healthy and safe (and the same goes to Jody and David!).

    Since we’re on this whole “Shut up!” thing, why not try this great one from MARS ATTACKS (although it doesn’t go on as long as Skylar’s):

  • katanahamon

    There actually was a case of human to cat transmission, so, yes, best to isolate from others’ pets. Probably not a huge deal, but, better safe. If the public kept a three (six) week supply of stuff, all the time, we could have had a plan to be enacted immediately without such a fuss. Call it the “General Emergency or Pandemic Plan.” But, Rump demobilized anything resembling an intelligent plan. That’s just basic protection to wear a mask, shower off, wash. Good job. The reason ppl stare if you wear a mask is that they’re trying to determine if you are wearing it to protect yourself, or if you might have it and they want to stay away from you.

    Yep. Rump needs prosecution for this. He’s already murdered ppl. And crippled our government’s ability to do its job. And yes, why aren’t the reporters fighting back? He’s insulting them to their face and spouting nonsense, and…nothing. Until a politician needs a ventilator and doesn’t get one, it won’t hit home for the right wing. Problem is, they probably will get taken care of if they have the political pull to do so. Rump didn’t and isn’t just “ignoring” this crisis, he’s actively propagandizing and lying. Every time he opens his mouth. Still.

    This bill..I don’t know. I’m worried it’s just another corporate rape. Ppl need to wise up and realize we need government, we need a safety net. We must get rid of for profit health care, and make ppl realize tying health care to employment is stupid. Arg..just stay well, good luck….

  • galileo126

    Heh heh – I needed this. The “SHUT UP!!” duel rants.

    And, Jody cursing the fuck out of everything stupid.. my sentiments exactly.

    Rock on, Goth Ninjas!!

    (Bob, keep up with the Indy music…more, please!)

    – g