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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonA Complete Lack Of Understanding -- NSFW; The Goth Ninjas David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; And it's time to fight; The Trump coverup of the Mueller Report is underway; Trump attempts to defund Special Olympics; Trump tries kill the ACA again; Calls for Adam Schiff to resign; The other collusion; Mark Corallo says Hope Hicks is lying; Adam Schiff lists the Trump crimes; Voters think there's collusion; With music by the Mike Farley Band and After The Fight; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    From Guardian..

    “A fire destroyed the main office building at Tennessee’s Highlander Research and Education Center, a historic leadership school for civil rights and social justice – destroying decades of archives and artifacts.

    The “devastating” fire engulfed the building before 6am on Friday, the center said in a statement. No one was injured.

    “While we are physically unhurt, we are saddened about the loss of our main office. The fire destroyed decades of historic documents, speeches, artifacts and memorabilia from movements of all kinds, including the Civil Rights movement,” said co-executive directors Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson and the Rev Allyn Maxfield-Steele.”

  • katanahamon

    Oh, Barr will “redact” the report.. No. There needs to be a full release of that report to at least the Dems with high enough security clearance to see the whole, unredacted, unaltered report. This is getting ridiculous. Sorry, past ridiculous. It’s infuriating, enraging, insulting, and dangerous for democracy. Come on Nancy, Chuck, Adam..

  • The call for Schiff’s resignation is meant as a distraction, that’s all. They know they have no leg to stand on.

  • Don P

    Since Trump always makes things worse for Trump, he thought that the Mueller report gave him political capitol to go after the ACA. George Bush thought the same after 2004 when he tried to privatize Social Security. Hey, I didn’t say these were bright guys.

  • katanahamon

    And today, Guardian is still running an anti Rachel Maddow article, other media outlets have nothing at all on this crisis. It really makes me want to just give up. I can’t sustain this level of rage at the destruction of any semblance of truth.

  • I have to push back, David. When Dems are making a good case against the Daddy State assholes, we gotta stop bitchin’ about their style.

    And just to throw a little brain fuck into it:
    1. There
    2. are
    3. no
    4. simple
    5. 10-word
    6. explanations
    7. for
    8. the
    9. important
    10. stuff

    BTW – Goth Ninjas are fucking awesome.

    And also too:

    • I agree. HOWEVER, we COULD be savvier with our “marketing slogans” (ie bumper sticker answers for the truly stupid) and more cohesive with our messaging. We have been doing better with the cohesiveness lately but only because we are all united against the Orange Pustule who is squatting in the White House.