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Bob Cesca
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Super Tuesday -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Super Tuesday; All the polls are wrong; Biden vs Bernie; The Warren and Bloomberg effect; Biden's potential electoral votes; Bernie's potential electoral votes; The vulnerabilities of Biden and Bernie; Mark Kelly leading Martha McSally in Arizona; Don't get happy; The Dow's dead cat bounce; Coronavirus and Mike Pence; Trump doesn't know what a vaccine does; With music by Pasha Black and Project Leavesden; and more!

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Pasha Black – “More Napkins” from The Lookalike’s Dream
Project Leavesden -- "Disguise" from Illusion

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  • “Let’s bring decency and integrity and moral standing back to the White House” is very reminiscent of the theme for Bush43 in 2000.
    It works.

    And when the Repubs bring that, “what about Barisma?” thing (and everything else they’ll use trying to smear whoever gets the nomination) I’m gonna say something very much like, “So fuckin’ what – you assholes ignored and dismissed everything from petty larceny to damned-near-treason – so fuck the fuck off”.

    Keep doin’ good, guys.