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Bob Cesca
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Rabies Cancer -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here today; Dow is down 900 points; Elizabeth Warren is out; The patriarchy runs deep; The next vice president; Senate races are looking good; Cenk loses his vanity race for Congress; Trump says he'll talk about Hunter Biden a lot; The four reasons why that will backfire against Trump; Trump won't have a thousand test kits ready as promised; Poopy Pandemic; Trump denies saying sick people should go to work; "Only" eleven deaths; Tito's Vodka and hand sanitizer; Americans less likely to vote for Trump because of pandemic reaction; Trump is suing the Washington Post now; With music by Callie Cardamon and Battle Tapes; and more!

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  • Badgerite

    I wonder if it has ever occurred to Senator Sanders that the failure of the young’uns to actually participate in the system and show up and vote for him is kind of baked into his message? That the system is corrupt and not worth participating in, etc. Obama always stressed the message that “you are the change you have been waiting for” and that the rights recognized in our system are not self actuating. You actually have to participate. You actually have to show up and vote. That voting IS revolutionary.
    Sanders and his supporters use the term ‘revolution’ a lot, but never specify how to actually achieve anything. Sanders and people like Cenk seem to argue that the Democratic Party which they have tried and failed to take over is the problem. The real problem is they do not recognize the American system which is based on consent of the governed as expressed by the vote as the touchstone of legitimacy. They view themselves as legitimate per se and everyone else as illegitimate. And their legitimacy is based on what, exactly? “Do you know who I am?” That’s not legitimacy. That’s vanity. I will take this group a million times over versus the awful, dishonest, bigoted jerks on the on the far right, God knows. But even were Sanders to get elected, this attitude would hamper his efforts to get anything done.
    The system is worth saving and making it better should be the focus. America is one of the places in the world where there is a clear path for the average citizen to do just that. And that path is straight through the voting booth. Why do they think the gop is so focused on voter suppression, for God sakes? The idea that “nothing changes” is pure crap. Ask those kids in cages at the border how much has “changed” for them. The asylum seekers who were deported and later killed as they claimed they would be if returned to their own countries. The electorate whose votes are diluted and nullified by every dishonest hoaky trick in the racist, authoritarian playbook. Ask the people who have family members or who are themselves alive today because of the ACA ( Obamacare). People want the world to be better but they do not want their whole world upended to satisfy the vanity of a Sanders supporter.
    Strike the right balance and the Sanders people might actually get something done.

  • Badgerite

    If people didn’t vote for Cenk it is because they do not feel he will represent their interests. His response to this is “trench warfare.” And that is why most people voting did not vote for him. Jesus. Get a clue.

  • Badgerite

    Love Senator Professor Elizabeth Warren. She is a brilliant person and a fighter for all that is good. Definite standing O.

  • mnpollio

    I just hope Uncle Joe is only talking out of his ass when he keeps floating the idea of being open to a Republican running mate. I would normally say he is, but for two things.

    First, this wins him no points with either his base or the progressives, and the never-Trumpers and “dissatisafied” conservatives have a history of throwing tantrums and saying they will vote Democrat and then not doing it, so this will not impress them. Plus I am more than a little miffed that the Democratic nominee needs to be vetted by conservative pundits for approval and somewhat distressed that apparently Uncle Joe meets their requirements of being suitably Republican enough to pass muster.

    Second, I really think he believes this gibberish about once Trump is gone that the Republican Party is simply dying to work with him and will magically return to sanity. Call it naivete, call it delusional, call it outright foolishness. But Uncle Joe really does seem terminally stuck in a 1983 Fantasyland where all will be rectified after sessions by a stiff drink with Tip O’Neill and St. Ronnie Reagan. Not going to happen…ever. The whole “put a period at the end of it, look forward and move on and let the conservatives get away with everything” POV needs to be mothballed. To combat and prevent in the future the kind of gross and brazen widespread corruption we have witnessed in the Republican Party, heads needs to figuratively roll, there need to be consequences and punitive measures and the Democrats at large need to investigate and plug the holes in the system and judiciary that allowed Donald Trump and his cronies to slither through. This is unarguably a must-do to prevent it from happening again or at the very least in our lifetimes.

    Make no mistake that Uncle Joe is DNC and establishment’s chosen one because he is “safe”, and won’t make any changes, and won’t rock the boat. No one in power will ever be disturbed by play it safe Uncle Joe. Can anyone honestly see him being up to the task of doing what is needed to fight this corruption? I sure as hell can’t. Sanders, yes. Warren, yes, Harris, yes. Hell, even Buttigieg may have been likely. Not remotely sold on Uncle Joe doing it. And IF that is his approach and IF he pulls off winning against Trump, wait for 2024 to be a repeat of a dispirited voting populace sitting it out because in their POV “nothing ever changes” and the Democrats “did not have their backs” after all.

    • Scopedog

      “I just hope Uncle Joe is only talking out of his ass when he keeps floating the idea of being open to a Republican running mate.”

      He was joking. And frankly, if people pull the “nothing ever changes” bullshit in 2024, then this country deserves to go down the fucking tubes.

      I’ve had it with this attitude. If you look at the past 30 years and your opinion is “both parties are the same” then kindly go fuck yourself. We’ve paid a very high price for people adopting this attitude when the evidence says otherwise.

      And lastly, cut out this “establishment” shit–because the people who pushed Biden over the top were the base of the Democratic Party–African-American voters and especially African-American women. This whole “DNC/Establishment” crap is right out of the Howie Klein/DownWithTyranny! playbook that simply erases voters who are POC and pulls conspiracy theories out of the ass while ignoring the fact that the GOP is busy screwing the country rotten. That should be our real target.