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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonThe Goth Ninjas -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show and David Ferguson from the TRex Report podcast are here; Alex Trebek diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; A message to our Baby Boomer listeners; Michael Cohen's suitcase of documents; Trump is a festering carbuncle; Rudy Giuliani is back; Rudy and Pardons; 'Leaving Neverland' and child sexual abuse; A conservative PAC is creating fake news websites; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    I’m not very familiar with Cory Booker, but just listen to him rattle off intelligent thoughts, almost in desperation here with Stephen Colbert..why won’t the media report or give space to this man instead of yet another tired interview of Sanders? We have candidates like this, while the suppurating carbuncle festers in the White House….

  • katanahamon

    This piece, it’s a physical and mental amazement..there are zillions of mediocre performances, I’ve found one for you by a great musician paired with a fantastic and very old organ.

  • katanahamon’s about 29,000 men and 26,000 women in the US that get pancreatic, it’s a little closer than you think. The pancreas is so deep and surrounded by other stuff, the symptoms just don’t show up until things are really bad. A lady down the street I knew, vegan, young, exercised, healthy..was having her gall bladder out or maybe her appendix, and..they just closed her up..same thing..pancreatic cancer so far gone they couldn’t do anything. It’s terrible.

    So..Manafort not spending “the rest of his life” in prison, unless Berman stacks up the sentences. It’s sickening. Bob, my sis voted R, and that’s how they justify it. She said “I vote R, it’s not my fault my party put this guy up.” But, she’s also smug about it. Congratulations Bob, on your “unreal job.” I’m worried that we middle aged won’t ever see a “normal” if it ever existed political climate ever again. This toxic, untrue, no fact universe with Fox leading the propaganda won’t ever go away because Rump succeeded, so this is why he must, must be prosecuted.

    David..get your Hep A and B, shingles, tetanus if it’s been a long time, the pap virus if you want, but measles was a one time thing. I like to turn ppl on to the supplement N-acetylcysteine, or NAC. It supplements the liver by giving it the sulfur it needs to manufacture glutathione, which your liver uses to detox basically everything. They give NAC for Tylenol poisoning, it’s the only antidote. Your liver gets damaged when it runs out of glutathione. NAC May protect the ears from noise induced hearing loss, also has lung protective effects.

    I always wonder about deaths..ppl say younger ppl are dying, yet, I think it’s because with social media, we simply hear more about deaths. Thanks for the Bach, Bob. There are some amazing vids of that piece now. I’ll try to find one. I wonder if anyone gets out of childhood/teen years without some sort of abuse. It happened to me at 15-16, and I’m just now at 55 figuring out what it did. Yes, sex health Ed would help, but, the right wing won’t allow that.

    I’m sorry this is so long, but..oh well. Have you noticed that google searches, especially videos, no longer have any pretense of variety or randomness after about twelve entries? They start repeating, like they want to force you to only see certain things. This is extremely worrying. And like David is saying..the media has already stolen the narrative. How many Dem candidates are we hearing nothing about? And which not really a Dem candidate is featured at Huffpost and Guardian every day?

  • Good show! I like the multiple host format…you three in particular play well together.