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RELM_buttonThe Sharper Image: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment joins us today; Fake News vs Fake News; Trump needs to step down; Gorsuch nominated by Kremlin operative; Trumpcare vote postponed; Trump's Trumpcare video and Trump steaks; Devin Nunes beclowns himself; Manafort paid by oligarch to spread Putin propaganda inside the US; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • On the point about how much time it takes to make the course correction that leads us past this Trump disaster:
    There has to be a balance (as in all things, Grasshopper) between the need to get thru it all as quickly as possible, and the near-absolute necessity of being as sure as possible that we got every snake in the nest.

    In my travels across my corner of the cyberverse, I think I’m seeing the kind of shift Buzz talks about. ie: people moving from denier to skeptic to well-maybe-them-libtards-aren’t-quite-so-wrong-this-time.

    Papa told me – this didn’t get all fucked up yesterday, and we’re not gonna get it all unfucked by tomorrow. Just work on whatever piece of it you think you can handle today. The best you can do is the best you can do.

    Stumble forward, kids.

  • Draxiar

    I’d just like to say that the guests featured on the show have been excellent…Buzz, of course, is no exception. I hope he becomes a regular.

  • muselet

    There is more than a whiff of Richard Nixon about Donald Trump: the ambition and paranoia, the sleazy cast of characters, the disregard for the law and settled custom, those all seem disconcertingly familiar. What’s different is the sheer venality of Trump. If anything, he’s scarier than Nixon ever was because he doesn’t think any of the rules apply to him.

    If Hillary Clinton had been elected and were under an ongoing counterintelligence investigation, you’d be able to hear the shrieks of outrage from the Rs on Jupiter. They would insist she not be allowed to conduct any of the duties of the office until the FBI, multiple committees and subcommittees of both the House and Senate, and a special prosecutor had completed comprehensive investigations and cleared her. Then they’d find some other reason why she shouldn’t actually be president.

    Trump, though, gets to be president even when he’s under investigation because IOKIYAR. Besides, someone has to be the grown-ups and allow the country to function, and for the past 40 years that’s been the Ds.

    Devin Nunes is, alas, a Californian (on behalf of my state, let me take this opportunity to apologize for inflicting this chowderhead on the nation) and a partisan hack. He seems not to realize his day job is as a member of the House of Representatives, not as a surrogate for Donald Trump. At the very least, he should have his security clearances revoked for the stunt he pulled on Wednesday.

    The American people will (probably) catch on to the Russia/Trump story eventually; the problem is whether they will care enough to do something about it. It would be very tempting to throw up one’s hands and mutter angrily about corrupt politicians, and go back to one’s life.

    When Watergate happened, there were still sane Rs. That’s not the case now. I don’t see a single elected R at any level of government who wouldn’t reflexively defend Trump to the bitter end, then whinge about a partisan witch-hunt.

    If the nation were to get rid of Donald Trump, we’d then be facing the prospect of President Michael Richard Pence, a thought that makes my blood run cold.

    The House Freedumb Caucus cannot say “yes,” full stop. They ran, and were elected, as maximal arseholes saying “no” to everything (remind anyone of a two-year-old?), so they will not compromise, which means the American Health Care Act—I prefer to call it RepubliCare, to spread the blame as widely as possible—will never be inhumane enough to pass muster with them.

    The Right has been trying its best to break down trust in public institutions, news reporting and, frankly, objective reality for decades now, and they’ve been frighteningly successful. By comparison to the nihilists and Visigoths in power now—again we return to the House Freedumb Caucus—Ronald Reagan was a socialist.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that the Trump campaign and transition team were working to coordinate the WikiLeaks dumps on Hillary Clinton. The problem is, in order for law enforcement/legal action against the Trump administration to be seen as legitimate, Trump voters—and the people for whom Trump was a barely-acceptable compromise, as Atilla the Hun wasn’t running—have to be convinced the man they voted for has been compromised. That’s a big ask.

    Paul Manafort is, and I can’t think of another word that fits, corrupt in a manner hitherto unknown. My five bucks says he won’t be charged with that felony of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act—and not only because of Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III—but he might find his non-Russia work less remunerative in future. I’m not sure that’s punishment enough for someone like Manafort, but I’ll take what I can get.

    (Bob, you missed your fuck at 27:46.)


  • Badgerite

    He has a “secret plan”. They’ll send it to you if you get sick in a plain manila envelope. Until then, be sure that it will be “tremendous”. Bigly.

  • Badgerite

    “Agent Orange”. As George Takei calls him.

  • katanahamon

    But…but..this WILL affect people! Look at the immediate things like health insurance and the Supreme Court nominee..I think we can only compete with the right wing by a nonstop media campaign that keeps the “actual” truth in front of them at all times. The speed of media is warp speed compared to the era of Watergate, so, hopefully this can be resolved faster, but there’s a lot of disinformation coming from Fox et al. I also wish people would always say that the healthcare bill is tied to a massive tax giveaway to the rich, also, this bill doesn’t resemble ANY of his promises.. I think the media will have to do more to call out Fox, et al trademarked on their lies.

    It’s not impossible for them to interfere in the same “robot” ways with smaller elections..

    Thanks Buzz, for not retiring and hanging in there! We need talented, witty people on our side…(and Bob, too…just kidding..just kidding!!!) Sorry for the long post, know, I am still finding it hard that Chez is gone, and I feel awful that he was undergoing whatever it was, but I also have to say that the tone of your show has become more positive, and more energetic. Now that you are getting some space from all the upheaval, the show is really coming along and it is actually more satisfying to listen to. This is absolutely nothing against Chez, I miss him and feel bad for his situation, just an observation and an encouragement for you.