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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonClever Little Bastards: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; John Bolton is terrifying; The March For Our Lives; The tenacious leadership of Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg; Repealing the Second Amendment; The dumbest pro-gun tweet of the weekend; Trolling Tomi Lahren; Republicans love to attack kids; Pennsylvania school district arms kids with rocks; The Stormy Daniels Interview; Michael Cohen confessed; Trolling the Troll-in-Chief; Pigman John Dowd resigns from Trump's legal team; and much more.

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  • Buzz, you were a Debbie Downer today–however, I agree with you. The American people are so shortsighted and ignorant of how our economy works that I sometimes give up hope that our “grand experiment” can work.

    In regards to the 1-2% of gun owners (NRA) holding the rest of us hostage….but this is only a symptom of a much bigger trend. The top 1% of this country, the truly rich, have held us all hostage on many different fronts. The NRA is simply just another advocacy group for the oligarchs in this country. It’s time for us to call out the real problem. The US is no better than Russia or any other country that is run by oligarchs and the politicians in their pockets. The ONLY difference at this point is that our oligarchs don’t have the kind of access and control of government “enforcers” (like the GRU guys who beat up the Russian media mogul in England and “accidentally” killed him at the behest of a Russian oligarch) –however, this is only a matter of time with someone like Trump in office.

  • katanahamon

    How can Rump’s “approval rating” actually have gone up seven points? Is our country really this stupid? I guess he really could “shoot someone.” He’s already cheated, defrauded, and fucked people… Anybody else think Kim going to China and pretending to denuclearize is a ploy to avoid war with Rump? I think Rump is crazy, Kim knows this, so they are removing any excuses for Rump to go to war..
    As another analyst said, Fox News is the most dangerous thing in America, besides Rump. Relative calls me and right from their lips..right wing talking points direct from Fox. Unless we require truth in broadcasting, we are setting ourselves back to the Dark Ages.

  • The FSB Ate Our Votes

    Bob, why aren’t you on my radio every day? Two podcasts a week just isn’t enough Bob Cesca and we could really use you weekdays 2-5pm on Stephanie Miller’s station here in Chicago. Our afternoon guy is so bad that I have no choice but to listen to freaking Sean Hannity on my afternoon commute. Imagine! Oh, and for all those Trump voters who are feeling warm and fuzzy about that extra $15 a week in their paychecks? Hannity had a guest on the other day who warned the listeners that they might enjoy that extra cash now, but they’d be wise to get a tax estimate done for 2018 under the new tax law to make sure they are having enough taxes withheld. In other words, come next April Trump is going to take back that ‘lunch money’ he loaned you.
    And teachers and students throwing rocks at gunmen with AR-15s? Miss Hemmerick, my junior high gym teacher, could probably spray rocks like a fire hose. And lastly, as for Trump’s determination to testify under oath to Robert Mueller? ——-

    • Brandon McGlothlin

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    • jaq

      ^This is what I can’t understand.. I love Stephanie (it’s how I found Bob), but just kind of burned out on her tbh and Bob is just more entertaining imo. I get that 3 hours a day, 5 days a week is a lot (especially if you’re also writing), but I’d settle for 1 hour (he’s already doing 3 days counting the after party and now trying to add Wednesdays).. You mean to tell me there’s honestly no weekday slot for him on Sirius, FSTV, etc? Kinda makes me suspect there’s probably some reason he doesn’t want to (although I honestly have no idea why). If he does have a reason, I’d be interested to hear it.

  • jaq

    does this mean fergie won’t be on with you anymore? 🙁

    • Of course he will!

      • jaq

        mkay good cuz we already don’t get enough of him here as it is..

        • He’ll be on again this Thursday, April 5.