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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonWe Have Collusion: NSFW; Happy Easter; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Trump doesn't understand the mail; Michael Cohen's lawyer dig's Cohen's legal grave; Trump doesn't need advisers; Laura Ingraham is an asshole; John Bolton linked to the Mercers who are linked to Cambridge Analytica; Sweaty Ronny Jackson upped to Veterans Affairs; Manafort and Gates knew they were dealing with Russia intelligence officers; Pigman John Dowd discussed pardons; Julian Assange is screwed; and much more.

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  • ciskoepike47 .

    The TRMS story named the Senator from NC 2014 campaign as the one cited by the Cambridge Analytica guy on his Brit web page. I kind of miss Fightin’ Uncle Sam, maybe you could paste him at the bottom of the page.

  • ciskoepike47 .

    Maybe it’s because I’m a Prime member (free shipping for an annual fee) but all of my Amazon stuff arrives via UPS.

    I think the USPS would love some of that business, but neither service is free.

  • katanahamon

    The mail thing shows Rump doesn’t understand business, money, taxes..or..anything. Brick and mortars aren’t competing successfully..take Barnes and Noble..they don’t have books, they’re a toy store now. Or videos. If I want a book, I go to ABE online now. I love looking at books, but if you want one, go online. B and N decided they can’t compete so they have toys and videos. I have more gardening and painting books than B and N..
    Can someone just..slap Roseanne? I don’t advocate, usually, violence against women, but she is just obnoxious.

    • mnpollio

      Got to say that I never could stand Roseanne – from the first time I heard her yowling about chick peas in that voice that would shatter glass three states away on a Pizza Hut commercial through to her peak on her TV show. I thought she was an unfunny abrasive narcissist, who was lucky enough to get a sweetheart deal from ABC and surround herself with top-notch co-stars like John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf. I could tolerate watching no more than 20 episodes of her show. The last 2-3 seasons were complete dreck. By that point, the show was spiraling into the ratings basement, lost a bundle for ABC, and Barr had become so impossible to work with that production teams were coming and going off the show like the Trump WH work force, Goodman had walked off the set, and Barr gave him the “don’t cross me” finger by killing off his character at the show’s end (now he has been magically resurrected!). So far as I am aware, no one was clamoring to see this show rebooted.

      The most damage I ever thought Roseanne would inflict was to good taste, but I get to re-think that since she is now using her national platform (thanks ABC!) to give cover and normalize a narcissistic psychopath who is either a useful idiot to enemy foreign powers or actively conspiring with them to destroy the US and bring down its institutions from within. And do not underestimate for one minute that Trump enablers are not basking in the glow of affirmation that a “legendary” TV character is “one of them” and making them seem mainstream. Worse, I am wondering how many on the fence moderates will now be advising everyone to let bygones be bygones and move on just like Roseanne and Jackie came to a detente. She boasts on her talk show circuit that Trump is great for the LGBT community and women. Really? No Administration has been so anti-woman as this one. She claims he is pro-abortion? Has she been listening to him? And has she slept through the constant assault by Trump and his enablers on LGBT rights? Did she miss the Pence-crafted latest transgender discrimination bill? And as a Jewish woman, how does she rationalize his self-proclaimed support for Nazis and white supremacists? She is either extremely delusional or a liar (perhaps both). Congratulations, Ms. Barr, you vaulted from being an unfunny has-been “comedienne” to being an active hazard to your country. Well done!

      • Do you remember when she dressed as Hitler for an article in Heeb and basked “Jew” cookies? I don’t take offense easily–I’ll laugh at some pretty dark comedy and I adore satire. That was NOT satire. It was just offensive. She’s offensive and I can’t stand her.

  • Dark Money
    One of the crazy-stoopid under-reported facets of the 2016 campaigns was the fact that Trump’s donations were ridiculously low, and the Press Poodles blew right past it – making excuses for him, and providing 100s of millions of dollars worth of coverage on the news channels. So there’s that last bit, but the invisible aspects of 45*’s campaign didn’t just fall outa the fuckin’ sky. Somebody bankrolled a big-ass operation that we couldn’t see, partly because it was in cyberspace, but there’s a substantial probability that it was being conducted &/or supported by offshore entities.

    In a system where we actually give a real fuck about the rule of law, we pay attention to “No Visible Means Of Support” because it almost always means somebody’s up to something sketchy.

  • Badgerite

    Ahhhhh! Normalcy. I remember normalcy. Ahhhhhh!. Could we get back to that any time soon. Preferably before Bolton or trump blows up the world.