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RELM_buttonFlood The Zone: NSFW; Jacki Schechner from is here; Stormy Daniels NDA mentions 'paternity information'; What if Trump paid for an abortion; Sarah Huckabee Sanders pisses off Trump; Trump keeps trying to get Russia details from witnesses; John Kelly warns Trump; Nunberg finally complied; The bombshell David Corn revelations about Trump, the Agalarovs and Miss Universe; Trump and peeing; Mueller looking into 2017 Seychelles meeting; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Seat Geek, Beach Body OnDemand, Omaha Steaks, Harry's Razors, and The Bowen Law Group. Go shopping until you're dropping using our AMAZON LINK.


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  • Badgerite

    Manafort is facing a lot of time in jail. One does have to wonder if the recent and rather obvious ( they did everything but leave a calling card ) attempt on the life of a former MI6 double agent and his daughter with a nerve agent was a message sent to Manafort. By Putin and the Kremlin.

  • Putin is the silverback raging around – stomp & stumble & wreck the jungle. He can definitely fuck you up, but he’s not going to put himself at undue risk when he knows the intimidation display will get him most of what he wants without all that risk.

    Roger Stone plays that game too. Luckily, he doesn’t have access to nuclear weapons, but his Merry Band Of Rat Fuckers can wreak havoc just the same, so people get pretty angsty about coming under attack.

    And again, that’s not to say there’re no real dangers – people turning up dead makes for another nice warning about how serious these assholes are, and how much worse they’re willing to make it.

  • katanahamon

    Didn’t the pseudonyms have the same letter start each name? Why not..Peter Parker? James Jameson? Yeah..the evangelical guy yesterday said Rump was still their guy. The lies..well, we are allowing it. Be nice if we didn’t, wouldn’t it? Windscreens and cables..just be glad you didn’t get a pic in the mail, Jacki..
    Even with Rump’s official stuff..the tariffs..can you imagine if Obama, the “dictator” had gone against even the Dems like Rump is doing now with the Repubs and the tariff issue? The hypocrisy..we need a new word for it..they’ve raised it to new artistic levels. It was easy to see at the time, even on sites like this, there were dedicated propagandists that would descend the moment any story about Hillary would get posted. Never has there been a better example of a highly qualified woman getting absolutely screwed over in favor of an unqualified, never even held office before lunatic. I just worry that we won’t get Rump out before he starts a war somewhere.

  • The FSB Ate Our Votes

    Oh, my god. Trigger warning before you bring up Trump’s orange, inflamed, gingy dick pic!