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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Political Science -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here for Threeway Thursday; Julian Assange arrested; Rep Massie asked John Kerry the dumbest questions in the world; Bill Barr refuses to answer questions about the Mueller Report; Barr says the government spied on Trump; Trump vows to prosecute his enemies; IRS commissioner confirms Trump is lying; With music by Well Known Strangers and St. Marlboro; and much more.

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  • Don P

    Thomas Massie is not an idiot. He is a graduate of M.I.T. (now, engineers will call each other idiot all day long, but it does take some intelligence). He is simply disingenuously trolling. He is a reddit comment come to life.

    Library Science is also a BA degree, btw. I suppose Massie shows up at the Library of Congress, accosts the staff there, screaming “Not a Scientist! Not a Scientist!”

    Massie has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, however he is married. Checkmate cons!

    • He might be well-educated AND an idiot. It’s possible to be both.

  • katanahamon

    While there are plenty of good reasons to arrest Assange, let’s not gloss over why he was really arrested..or why it happened at this particular time..he pissed off the Ecuadorian president, who may also be looking to appease or get in good with Rump. ( really don’t have to try so hard. New listeners will like you for what we like you for..the intelligent talk and discussion..not the sound effects and (sounds like) forced laughter..just sayin’..not a strong criticism, I’m just sayin’..don’t think you have to change to please anybody..even if someone is telling you to. It feels a bit frenetically nervous and self conscious, and like you’re forcing a bit. It took at least thirty minutes to seem to settle down.. Don’t take this badly, it’s not a bad show by any means, it just feels like you’re emphasizing the dirty jokes or cat pee and cat sounds when that’s really not why your regulars listen to you, and I don’t think new listeners will be reeled in by it. The occasional inclusion of stuff like that you usually have in a super natural flow is well, just less and more natural feeling. I love the show, all your guests, and I want you to succeed and achieve all the things you desire. I’ve been with you since well before Chez passing, and I hope you stick around for a very long time. Hope you saved all those homemade ice cream recipes I posted last summer..)

    The Kerry thing is too painful to even hear. It demonstrates the will to spew stupidity by the right wing. However, they’re completely successful at it. Meaning making fun of Dems, spewing lies and propaganda and simply denying, denying, denying. Asian Tiger mosquitoes Jody, I think.

    I miss record stores..the artwork on the covers, even the smell and texture. Video stores too..bookstores as well. Last time I went in to Barnes and Noble, there were more toys and games than books.

    Do we think Barr can really keep the report from coming out? I hope we can finally get the damn thing. Sorry’s heartbreaking to hear about health issues. I’m now on disability because of mine..I used to be a very well reviewed professional symphony player, and suddenly..I’m taking morphine and other stuff for pain and laying on the couch doing zero. Cats really should be kept indoors, sorry. I was a cat owner for a long time, indoors, two perfectly beautiful, terribly missed Abyssinians that passed away. Here, cats kill the native quail and other birds. I love cats dearly, but they don’t belong in most environments where they get fed and are healthy and then go prey for fun on the local wildlife. Keep cats indoors! Or, don’t keep cats, it’s really simple. It’s irresponsible to allow them outside. Feral cats should be trapped and humanely euthanized..they live terribly difficult and cruel lives.

    • >> really don’t have to try so hard. New listeners will like you
      for what we like you for..the intelligent talk and discussion..not the
      sound effects and (sounds like) forced laughter.

      Maybe this isn’t the show for you. Since day one, with or without Chez, my podcast has always had a morning radio edge to it — the jingles, the juvenile sounds, the jokes, and yeah, some obscenities and personal stories. More importantly, the show has always been driven by spontaneity — we might dig into the news right away, or we might not get to any of the topics on my list. That’s the way it’s ALWAYS been. “Intelligent talk” is in there, too, but it’s only one ingredient. If you’ve actually been listening, you’d know this. I’m sick and fucking tired of the expectation for prudish liberal seriousness. Do you realize I’ve ended every week of shows with a fart sound? I thought you *got* the show — I thought you knew all this, but I guess not.

      Anyway, thanks for the vote of confidence during an immensely stressful week.

    • Oh, and thanks for also shitting on TRex’s judgment about his cats during a hellish couple of weeks for him, too. Keep listening into the second half-hour when TRex broke down crying over his financial crisis, and in supporting him I relived my own financial horror show from 2009. We may have started out with silly Assange jokes, but we brought real-life seriousness in there, too. You need to listen to the whole show and the overall narrative we develop. Instead, you chose to insult two of three members of today’s troupe. I thought you understood the show.