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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Total Power -- [Explicit Content] Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama endorse Joe Biden; The Biden-Bernie livechat video; The most unspooled Trump Show ever; Trump declares himself to have 'total power'; Trump was cocaine-angry; Small government states' rights conservatives must be very confused today; Trump's propaganda video violated campaign finance laws; CBS's Paula Reid was a juggernaut; Trump and Mutiny On The Bounty; With music by The Bitter Elegance and Matt Jaffe; and more!

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The Bitter Elegance – “1Luv2win” from Hiding In The Spotlight
Matt Jaffe – “Raise The Dead” from The Spirit Catches You

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  • katanahamon

    Love the Voyager clip. You might find a good virus quote from the Deep Space 9 episode where Bashir goes to the planet punished by the Dominion with the “Blight.” I was rewatching this a while back and thought of you. Sorry I can’t remember the quote I’m thinking about. Yeah, I’d rather talk about that than the insanity we are living. He might not fire Fauci, but, he might not be in front of the cameras much. I’m just sick of the insanity, the outright propaganda and lies, the fact that Rump seems to be getting away with it all like usual. They need to stop these broadcasts immediately of Rump..

  • The KGB Ate Our Votes

    Bob, I love the way your podcast drops at the same time Trump is stepping up to the podium for his daily vein-popping propaganda spectacle. You are my genetically-engineered super soldier of sanity. And that’s why my credit card will never be rejected at Patreon. 😂Thanks to you, Buzz, Jodi and David.