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Bob Cesca
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The Mueller Report -- NSFW; It's a special 90 minute edition of the show as we review the redacted Mueller Report; The Goth Ninjas are here; Jody Hamilton from the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network and TRex David Ferguson from the TRex Report Podcast; With music by Battle Tapes; and much more.

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  • Badgerite

    So, if there is “nothing wrong” in “taking information” gotten by breaking all sorts of US laws from Russian intelligence then one would assume there would be just as “nothing wrong” with taking information and covert help from, say, Mexico or North Korea or France or Canada or Iran or any country that decides to get that ‘information’ by violating our laws? Is that what trump lawyers and the gop are proposing. And if that is not what they are proposing, what are they saying other than it is alright for them to cheat but not anyone else? It is alright for them to work with hostile foreign powers to undermine our elections and our laws but not anyone else? They are literally inviting foreign tampering with American elections so long as that tampering benefits their own party. How is that not a betrayal, of, well, everything?

  • You nailed it as far as what the main theme has to be now – Trump’s Presidency Is Not Legit.
    It’s what he’s been so afraid of this whole time. He knows it – he wouldn’t be so adamant about denying it if he wasn’t well aware of it.

    2nd – the big question for me is: Who exactly is Bill Barr working for?
    It may or may not be We The People
    It may or may not be Cult45
    It may or may not be people with names like Koch or Mercer

    And not to get all foil-hat nutty, but there’s been a close connection between Russian oligarchs and American Free Marketeers since Poppy Bush sent Bob Strauss to Moscow to teach them Rooskies how to create a veil of democracy in order to hide the transfer of government to private interests.

    Keep pushin’.

    BTW, I’m absolutely on board with impeachment. I wasn’t, but it’s time. Start the process and put it on TV every day. There’s the kind of binary choice now that even the average American knucklehead can understand.

  • Badgerite

    So, let me get this straight. If, say for instance, North Korea should have a preference in who it they would like to occupy the Oval Office it is perfectly acceptable for the North Korean intelligence services to violate all sorts of Untied States laws with the knowledge of and active encouragement of their preferred candidate and if that candidate should win it is perfectly acceptable for said candidate to swear an oath to uphold the laws of the United States with a straight face. Ok, then.
    I assume this new rule of constitutional law applies to Democrats as well as Republicans. One would assume.

    • Well said.

      • Badgerite

        I’m waiting for someone in the punditry to opine that this is the moment that “trump became president of the United States.” Or some such nonsense.

  • Badgerite

    You may not get the gop to vote for conviction. That isn’t the point. You don’t ask the mob boss’s ‘family’ if they would vote to convict the mob boss. You ask the jury. We the people. But they need to see the evidence. Let them determine if his attempts at obstruction are not “corrupt”. Let them determine if there was not coordination “beyond a reasonable doubt”. And election is not for this purpose. An impeachment trial is.

    • Yes!

      • Badgerite

        trump voice – “Bob. Bob. Bob.”
        Do you notice on the chart of Efforts to Obstruct by Quinta Jurecic that you and Rachel Maddow retweeted that amidst all of the efforts to obstruct by trump there is one incident that stands out in that this was one of the only times that there was a consistent “no” in terms of attempts to obstruct? Doesn’t it seem rather odd that that was the case? This was a meeting between literally Kremlin assets and high level trump campaign staff and trump family members. The reporting of this meeting and subsequent release of junior’s emails gave the lie to all of their denials of Russian contacts, did it not. That trump jr. released all of his truly incriminating emails with respect to that meeting was remarked on at the time as “stupid” on his part. And as evidence of just how “naive and inexperienced” he was in terms of politics and law.
        And, of course, this was the roll out of the “inexperienced and non-corrupt efforts of junior to gather oppo research on a political opponent and nothing more” dog and pony show. Doesn’t it seem odd that Hope Hicks was the person who was credited with reigning in efforts to obstruct.
        The whole thing bespeaks advance knowledge to me. Since the meeting involved Russians known to be assets or people with contacts to the Kremlin and Putin, these are people who would have been under routine surveillance by our own intelligence community. And how did information about this meeting leak to the press early on? Given what we now know about Senator Burr, the gop head of the Senate Intelligence Committee and his ‘back channel’ to the White House, it is clear to me that trump regime people were given a heads up about the evidence of not only the meeting but also jr.’s emails and the problem it posed for their
        story of “no collusion”. Suppose they had lied about the meeting or tried to destroy emails that were already in Bob Mueller’s hands. Instead junior made the rounds as Fox ‘news’ trying to portray a meeting with Kremlin assets and former KGB as “innocent” oppo research and “no collusion”.
        My point? This is the dishonest shell game the gop has been playing in Congress all along. They have no intention of honestly assessing anything and they will do everything in their power to cover up the truth and shield these traitors from any accountability.
        The Democrats in Congress have to attack this head on. There is no other way to do it.
        There is no law, there is no democracy if there is no accountability for this kind of betrayal of the country and corrupt betrayal of the oath of office.
        Every gop member of Congress may as well be wearing t-shirts that say “Thank You Putin” because that is the truth of it and that is how this will play out if the Democratic leadership in Congress lets it play out that way. The first thing trump did after Iran Contra Bill’s dog and pony show and the guppy-sucker press reaction to it was threaten to attack our law enforcement and intelligence community and gut its effectiveness with Barr nodding approvingly. The next thing trump did was literally tell border agents to break the law and offer them a pardon if they needed one. Since they are part of this corruption and dishonesty from day one, I wouldn’t expect them to vote for it. But the people who vote for them should know the unvarnished truth. And no one will tell them the truth if the Democrats in Congress do not let the evidence collected under great personal stress I’m sure, by one Robert Mueller and his team, do not give that report a public hearing. We owe it to the people who protect us to hold a House hearing on the whole un-redacted report and if the only way to get that is through a pre-judicial proceeding such as a hearing on the issue of impeachment, then they need to step up and hold those hearings.
        We may as well view Bill Barr as part of the Fox ‘new’ propaganda efforts at this point. And Senator Burr as well.