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Bob Cesca
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Find The Popes In The Pizza -- Explicit content! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Everyone loves foul-mouthed Jody; Georgia governor is criminally slow on the uptake; Viral Trumpism; Nancy Pelosi to form a select committee to oversee the federal coronavirus response; Pence, COBRA and Medicaid; Casey Kasem and Father Guido Sarducci; Trump has blood on his hands; Trump's MBS tweet; Feds say the stabbing of an Asian family is a hate crime; Stimulus payments won't arrive for a while; Secret Service orders more golf carts for Trump; Trump states are getting all the gear they need; Bob is nose-blind; With music by Seth Adam and Pride Fails; and more!

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  • Oh yeah – if you need an Obama comparison, we can look at H1N1 in 2009.
    –1st US case = Apr 22
    –WHO says it’s a world health emergency Apr 25th
    –Obama signs off on national health emergency order Apr 26th.
    –CDC had already activated their emergency response center THREE DAYS BEFORE the first US case was reported, and test kits were on the way to all 50 states by May 6th.
    Over 1 million total cases, with about 4,000 deaths.

    All of that happened in Obama’s rookie year.

    That’s how you fucking do it.

  • Jody’s on fire with this one.
    Loved the “good kids” bit.
    I dunno know what you did, but Jody’s sound is about 9 million percent better too.
    Good job all around – and hugs back to ya, David.

  • katanahamon

    Why are our (Dem) politicians playing around, coddling the R F’ers? “Oh, we aren’t looking to blame ppl..” in setting up a commission. ? Why the hell not? Rump is an incompetent fool, he’s killing ppl now, actively. Blame? We need imprisonment! The propaganda machine is burning out it’s on such overdrive justifying the R response. This is what happens when greedy f’ing criminals play at running a one’s mentioning the clean air and water regs that they’ve canceled. Bad, terrible things are happening, and getting swept under the rug. We can’t let Rump and his facilitators get away with this…

    • Scopedog

      “Why are our (Dem) politicians playing around, coddling the R F’ers? “Oh,
      we aren’t looking to blame ppl..” in setting up a commission. ?”

      Who says that they are playing around? I thought it was pretty clear that there will be a 9/11 styled commission set up along with Pelosi setting up a commission to oversee things. Besides, if Democrats had said “F#@k Trump and the GOP, we’re gonna burn ’em!” the MSM would be howling about how the Democrats are being nasty.

      Besides, Biden has been hitting Trump in the daddybags about how badly the Administration fucked things up.

      • katanahamon

        That’s the problem in a nutshell. Worrying that the Rs will say “”Democrats are being nasty” is not productive since they say that and far more anyway. The old rules don’t work, they aren’t working. The levels of propaganda being put out by the right wing are staggering. They have stolen the stage, the microphone, the microphone manufacturer, the electric company supplying power for the microphone etc etc. My problem with all this is that the Dem message doesn’t seem to be getting out, and when it does, it seems weak, not forceful enough, not using the facts to pummel the R’s with their incompetence and outright malign intent. The only news about the “stimulus” bill seems to be the right wing saying Pelosi has stuffed it full of pork. What about the lack of oversight, or canceling of oversight to corporations that distributed far more than they’ll get in relief stimulus as dividends to shareholders? We don’t seem to be fighting fire with fire.

  • The KGB Ate Our Votes