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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

A Box Of Eggs -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; More analysis of the Mueller Report; More evidence that Russia likely handed Donald Trump the election; The Facebook plot; Maryland, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin; The first article of impeachment; Democrats need to grow a backbone on impeachment; Rudy Giuliani is okay with taking stolen information from enemies during wartime; With music by Cloud Party and Sky Seeker; and much more.

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  • I think the Senate spending time the origins of the investigation going to come back and bite them in the a$$. Ultimately, the Dems on the Senate committee should just focus ALL of their questions on the parts that were true. Just keep hammering the sh*t out of it.

    I would TOTALLY listen to the Gen X Podcast! We have been SOOOO overlooked. And I’m pretty darn sick of it.

  • As smart as we are – as smart as we believe ourselves to be – we can be talked into doing some really stoopid things. And I can present certain instances of my own behavior as good examples.
    No one is immune to manipulation.
    Spending on advertising last year was estimated at more than $600 Billion – they don’t spend that kinda money on shit that don’t work.