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Bob Cesca
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Lightly Salted Weasel D*cks -- [Explicit Language] TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; Georgia's Brian Kemp proceeding with his reckless re-open plan; The 1918 flu epidemic; Trump disagrees with Kemp's plan; Greg Abbott, Franklin Graham, Dan Patrick and the Death Cult; Las Vegas mayor volunteers to be the control group; Embers of Corona; Trump wiped out all of the job gains since the Great Recession; Trump is muzzling all experts who aren't him; Trump says Dems are rigging the election; With music by Cookie and Mike Farley; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    It all depends on how desperate people are for money..if they discover they can’t get unemployment, they’ll be forced to make a terrible choice. They won’t get a bailout like the airlines. Or a Rump lobbyist’s corporation. No, not for us. This, this is living with the right wing. Or rather dying. Yes, study of the 1918 flu is interesting, and also how the end of it coinciding with the end of the war, we as a society wanted to forget, to bury, and move on. (Looking for another awesome historical read? “Night of the Physicists,” by Richard Von Schirach is about the operation to capture the Germans working on their version of the atomic bomb.) I don’t know anyone who ever studied this in school, it’s just not in the history books. At least the ones we used to use. Right Jody..there are blood clot issues. This virus family can cause bleeding or clotting. We are seeing all sorts of new symptoms and correlations.

    Of course no silence. He will never admit anyone is dying. The problem is we have no plan. plan. The R’s just want to still ignore it til it goes away. I wish they’d stop the Rump press conferences..I really..really..really do. I’ve never heard one, but, still. If the reporters would grill him, flay him, excoriate him, beat him with facts, maybe they’d stop. Oh, we are overhyping it. many deaths are necessary for hyping? 1..100..1000…10,000..100,000??? We nearly are f’ed now without him being re-elected because he’s destroyed the government and its ability to function and mined the system with freak ultra right wing judges. It will take the entirety of the next Dem administration to repair the government alone, much less have it start to function properly or effectively.

    Can’t beat him at the ballot box?? We ALREADY DID. Despite all the Republican fraud and cheating. Problem is, all the asses that voted for him will vote for him again. We’ve reached terminal, irredeemable American stupidity. Even our populace dying en masse doesn’t penetrate their bubble of unreality.

    Speaking about the doc that got fired getting targeted by redhats, the bozo (forgetting the name) that took over the Malheur nature preserve, he and his protestors showed up at a police officer’s house because the officer arrested an anti vaxxer that was breaking the law. And all the protestors showing up armed..such f’ing cowards.