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Bob Cesca
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The Island Of Unfuckable Toys -- NSFW; Joe Biden is running for president; The Cocoon Campaigns; Biden's greatest gaffes; Joe Biden and the Bankruptcy Bill; Elizabeth Warren owned the crowds in two town halls this week; What's the deal with the pee tape; The White House continues to stonewall Congress; William Jeffress and executive privilege; Trump doesn't understand SCOTUS; Mayor Pete and being smart; The Goth Ninjas Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by ALEX and Megan McDuffee and Paul Melancon and the New Insecurities; and much more.

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  • On Liz Warren: I’ve been impressed by the fire she’s bringing lately. She’s pissed, and she’s not shy about telling us she’s pissed, and I think that’s a really positive thing. It countervails the wishy-washy Chuck Schumer stereotype.

    And this is where I throw in my high school football coach’s life lesson:
    You’re a tight end or a running back or whatever, and you’re going over the middle for a short pass, and you know the ball’s coming to you. You also know there’s a linebacker &/or a safety over there who’s looking to hit you so hard your dog dies – and that’s gonna happen whether you make the catch or not. So catch the fuckin’ football.

    You guys are doin’ good – keep doin’ that.

  • jaq

    i’d suggest spending a couple hours on youtube before throwing out unsubstantiated allegations about pulling ladders up.. buttigieg actually HAS talked about trans rights and was immediately interrupted/dismissed by bill maher for it (4M yt views, look into it).. and “little tweaks”? advocates abolishing the electoral college, complete overhaul of supreme court selections, end to gerrymandered districts, etc, etc, etc.. i mean no, he hasn’t given a complete road map to every position, but he’s still trying to explain how to pronounce his name while biden, sanders, warren have had the luxury of starting this cycle on third base.. i don’t have any problems with ppl liking other candidates (i’d be stoked for elizabeth warren or kamala harris), and i get trex has his own stuff going on right now, but rambling about how one “feels” whilst simultaneously demonstrating a complete lack of interest in actually listening/looking at the field doesn’t exactly resonate with the ring of credibility.