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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonDrug And People Flows: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Shitty Grandpa is ranting on Twitter again; Trump goes to war against Amazon; Amazon cost Trump $400 million in net worth; Sinclair Broadcasting and Fake News; Van Der Zwaan sentenced to 30 days in prison; Rosenstein authorized Mueller to investigate Manafort's collusion; Study shows fake news won the election for Trump; Trump will use the military to stop immigrants from entering; and much more.

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  • ranger11

    Maybe you should stop following the polls for a bit. Negative crack. Except for 1998 and 2002 the opposition party always does well in the midterms. Look at the results of the special elections. Democrats are doing well. Don’t get happy but there should be room for some happy thoughts.

  • katanahamon

    Been saying it for years..we must bring back truth in news requirements for broadcasting. We can’t go on much longer like this, with 40% of the public believing in absolute bullshit.

  • katanahamon

    I’m sorry Buzz..I don’t believe we can trust that our votes actually count anymore. I fully believe that vote totals were changed to allow Rump to win..his voters have already said they don’t care about cheating, that if there was cheating for Rump, they were “all for it.” Our democracy is broken. When a “man” like Rump is allowed in the White House, isn’t it obvious??

    • On my bad, cynical days I would agree with you and I’m having more bad days as time goes on. I don’t want to lose hope though.

  • Go see The Death Of Stalin, and keep these things in your mind:
    1) The banality of evil
    2) Radical Skepticism 2.0 – “there is no truth except what I’m saying right now.”

    Now tell me there’s no parallel with Cult45.

  • Some other angles to the Amazon/USPS thing have to do with beating down on Labor (as in Union-busting), and raiding the Pension Fund (remember the billions of dollars the Repubs forced the USPS to pour into Employee Benefits – that’s been making some Wall Streeters pretty rich, but it’s going to make someone very VERY rich when the privatization scheme is triggered).

    And, oh yeah – how ’bout them jobs, motherfucker? USPS employs >500,000 Americans, pumping $1.6 Billion directly into the economy every two weeks, in salaries alone. It doesn’t include the added benefit of USPS buying a buttload of goods and services from other American businesses.

  • Badgerite

    Christ. Someone just shot up Youtube headquarters in California. I imagine it was all about ‘preserving our freedom’.
    If this isn’t terrorism, then what is it? When you have to use a gun to ‘express your opinion’, that makes you a murderer and a terrorist. If was never a question of if this would happen again. it was only a question of when, where and how many killed or shot up. No, this is not the “intent of the framers.” This is the intent of the NRA.

    • Michale Pointer

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  • Thank goodness for you two! Between today and yesterday, I was dying to hear something from rational people. The market tanking is killing what little retirement savings I have. And now Trump is talking about sending the military to our Mexican border–a task for which they are very unsuited–to stop an invasion that isn’t really happening.

    His “attack” on Amazon/Bezos has to be illegal (and his confession as to motive is HUGE)–tell me it’s illegal, please? He’s talking about trying to get Republican State Attorney Generals to go after them. If that isn’t illegal, then we are seriously effed. And that “Shut Up” audio bit is perfect for Mueller. I bet he is thinking, “Good God, please stop committing crimes and stop admitting to it! I can’t keep up!!!”

    I can’t wrap my head around the poll numbers either…I hope Buzz is right that more people will come around to see reason once Mueller drops the hammer on Trump (assuming that he actually ever does).

    • katanahamon

      I’m ..disappointed he said Rump isn’t a criminal god, how can he NOT be??

      • The Wash Post has an article about the reasons Mueller said it. They also say it does not preclude that 1) the evidence of criminal conduct against Trump is still strong, and 2) the evidence can still be used in an impeachment process. That, however, depends on whether we take back Congress in the Fall because we know damn well the GOP will never indict Trump–even if he shot someone in broad daylight on 5th Ave.

        As for the idea that a sitting president should not be indicted–I think that’s utter horseshite. It basically gives him or her a free pass for 4-8 years. It’s okay to make the evidentiary threshold for indicting a sitting president more stringent than the average citizen–that I can agree with. But to say you can’t touch them at all? No way.