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RELM_buttonOranges -- NSFW; The Goth Ninjas, Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Biff Tannen; Every bombshell of that last 24 hours; Trump's brain worms; Trump keeps saying oranges; Witchiepoo and HR Pufnstuf; Mueller's investigators contradict Bill Barr's memo; The Mueller report apparently contains detailed accounts of Trump campaign contacts with Russia; House Ways and Means chairman requests Trump's tax returns; Trump vs Biden; Trump says wind turbines cause cancer; With music by the Twisted Mojo and Coral Gables; and so much more.

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  • pcoll321

    I find the Trump base to be slightly different than mentioned on “Oranges”. In the wealthy outskirts of Philadelphia it is almost always the men in my age range of 48 to 55 years old with some money that are die-hard loyalist to Trump and not the individuals much older.

  • I would like to just sound off on the critique of Matt Taibbi, as I’ve listened to a couple interviews with him on both the Michael Brooks Show and Chapo. First off, he’s not saying the same thing as Michael Tracey or Greenwald. Tracey’s editorializing is obnoxious to listen to (Sam Seder had no time for it), but Taibbi actually has a handful of more substantive points:

    1. The origin of the story is still unknown. Taibbi points to a few possible sources for the initial report of the meetings, but he indicates he wasn’t able to determine conclusively where it started, which can tell us a lot about the interests of that party.

    2. The media hasn’t really taken stock of its failures in 2016 and sees it more of a partisan neutrality problem rather than one of the constant need to fill a 24hour news cycle. Rather than coming to grips with the issue of sensationalizing middling stories in 72pt font every day (like Hillary’s emails), they’re overcompensating by hyperfocusing on every single little aspect of this story, giving every revelation more proportional weight than they really deserve. This is happening up here in Canada with what’s called the “SNC-Lavalin scandal.”

    3. This is the most important one: it conveniently absolves folks of the responsibility to come to grips with the Republican Party that backs Trump. If the narrative becomes that Trump can be chalked up to “an agent of the Kremlin” and they’re the reason he won, plenty of people will clap their hands and say “Well that takes care of that!” Well no, there’s no magic button to just jettison Trump as long as there’s 60 million little Trumplings out there eager to elect his replacement. That’s the bigger problem, not one guy’s relationship to Vladimir Putin.

    I get that Trump is a menace and needs to go and if the Mueller probe got info on his business dealings that went to the SDNY, great. But the narrative surround him should always have been around his financial crimes and shady business practices, not “kompromat” like we’re in some Cold War thriller. It got so ludicrous that someone on Twitter actually wrote Robert Mueller erotic fiction! Seriously!

    • Badgerite

      We are in some Cold War thriller. That is what Russian intelligence does. Look, the Russian mob and the Russian government left their slimy fingerprints all over the trump campaign.
      As to how the probe started, it started because the US Intelligence Community always keeps tabs on known Russian agents and Kremlin contacts operating in the US as well as elsewhere. If for no other reason than the activities of the Russian mob in this country and elsewhere. And lo and behold, trump campaign people were observed frequently meeting and communicating with these well known Kremlin contacts. And even operatives like Kislyak as Jeff Sessions did. It is rather obvious how it all started. While they were watching the Russians they watched as trump people were having a lot of meetings and communications with these very same people. Which is actually highly unusual for a presidential campaign to do. They had to be worried as to what the purpose of these contacts were. It is Russian intelligence after all. And the Russian mob. Then, of course, Manafort came on board. His contacts with the Kremlin even then were rather well known. He worked to rehab Putin’s discredited candidate in Ukraine. The one that was later run out of office and out of town by the Ukrainian Maiden revolution.
      And then, of course, is the added fact that while the intelligence community was observing all of these contacts, the trump people were lying rather publicly up the kazoo about the contacts that they knew were real. And they kept lying. Right up to the time and beyond that a Special Counsel was appointed.
      Yes, the gop is now and has always been well aware of this. What’s your point. The public has not been and without the Mueller investigation probably still would not be apprised of what the gop knew duing the entire campaign and election. Rachel Maddow righted that wrong. In doing so, Rachel and her team relied heavily on court filings and documents of the Mueller investigation. And she has been very good at connecting the dots.
      Oh, and Hillary Clinton was right.
      Taibbi is with the crowd that attacks Rachel Maddow for her truthful and thorough reporting. There is nothing she has ever reported that has been shown to be wrong. She has her own investigative crew.
      For Taibbi to attack a journalist of Rachel Maddow’s caliber it utterly ridiculous. And he can FFFFF right off forever.

      • From what I’ve heard from Taibbi in interviews, his issues aren’t with the accuracy of the reporting, but with the way it was so breathlessly reported to the point of crowding out the broader critique of corporate oligarchy (which the Russian government essentially is) and the media’s fundamental inability to critique either that oligarchy or itself as part of it. When you dedicate so much mental bandwidth to one particular story, it sets the tone for the surrounding discussion, which could be seen with every Mueller-worshipping meme slung around Twitter or on SNL with their Mueller Christmas sketch.

        His question regarding “how it started” was about the story itself, not the need for the probe. Who tipped who off and why. Because there’s always motive surrounding a move like that and Taibbi pointed out that it would be irresponsible to report on an event without that context.

  • katanahamon

    While I listen to the intro, just read a headline in my newsfeed “tourist in Uganda kidnapped and held for random.” Aren’t there proofreaders anymore? Put Walter a bit later, the “run!” is getting covered. How outrageous does Rump have to get before calls for his resignation happen? Isn’t it obvious now he’s nuts? Sorry really wasn’t ever was funny only to the extent we were trying to make the best of our situation, but..this is the president. Crazy, scary, demented..yet the right wing has no standards except for democrats.

    Yes David..I’m there too. The disinformation and propaganda plus all the people swallowing it are very disheartening. I’ve been writing the Dems on the contact Dem sites to obtain a subpoena for the report ASAP. Everyone should..write them at as many places as often as possible. The Repubs have made their moves, stealing local elections, a Supreme Court seat, now they’re stacking the judiciary. We have to see the full, unredacted report..or the Dems with clearance do. It’ll be obvious then that Barr has to go along with the entire Rump administration. This mangling of our entire democracy just….sucks. (Yes..moving too slowly.)

    • Badgerite

      That is why trump was so thrilled that the gop held the Senate. To get Bill Barr in there to bury the Mueller report and cover up the blatant corruption. Probably later try to issue pardons. And to flood the court system with judges who will decide cases only on party lines. This has been a long term strategy of the gop. They think control of the courts will stop the society from changing for the better and embracing greater diversity and participation of our citizenry in the political establishment. Smother democracy and representative government, as it were. I don’t know that that is true. I think there resides in the heart of every, or most, Americans a love of and pride in our democracy that will not be smothered. Just as the public, for the most part, does not reject immigration or refugees. Almost all of us came from immigrants. It would be like rejecting ourselves and our ancestors.
      How can we do that? I am not European. I am American. My ancestors were European and they choose America. For themselves and for me because they saw the possibility of something better. Why are we so shocked that people still come here because they see something better. It is what humans do. Do these idiots really think that a wall will change that?

  • On the “Endless Fight”, that’s a really good point. What popped into my brain was that we’ve adopted that as our Cultural Default Mode, and it may well be because of how we go about fighting our “wars” now.
    We’ve become so good at it that the fighting itself is the point of the exercise. There are no goals, and no apparent intention of resolving anything.

    • Thanks, Mike. There’s much more to this observation — I’ll be developing it on the show.