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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonKellyanne Conway As Witchiepoo: NSFW; Kimberley A. Johnson, author of Peyton's Choice, is here; The Great Coffee Caper; Trump is eroding our sanity; Trump really hates Amazon; Trump's trade war hurts Trump voters more than anyone; McMaster vs Trump; Mueller's team questions oligarchs; Infowars stooge says Russians should attack Mueller; Bernie and MLK and Dennis Kucinich; and much more.

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  • mnpollio

    Bob, Trump is not erasing progress to roll us back to the 1950s. He is firebombing all progress to roll us all the way back to the Age of the Robber Barons.

  • Username1016

    Can I complain about freakin’ Patreon? It doesn’t save your place, the way an ordinary podcast does, and it’s being a PITA about letting me navigate back to half an hour in. So I’m giving up on listening to the rest of this. If I STOP giving a dollar a month, I can go back to ordinary podcasts. I’m sorely tempted, Bob! Is this a solvable problem?

  • I heart Super Muler!!!!!

  • katanahamon

    Thanks..Bernie pisses me off..a lot. Talk about the definition of “sour grapes.” He’s exhibiting “grumpy old man” syndrome, he’s too old, sorry for the ageism, but, I look and listen to him, and he’s too old. His record speaks for itself, with his grand plans but no ability to do the grunt work of forming a coalition. Sure..”we” need to stop attacking each other, as long as it’s ok for Bernie to attack whoever he wants. Yes, no Bernie, no Biden, no Kucinich…blehh..
    Yes..single payer and college..why start out with debt and be in debt forever? Or be wiped out by debt by any health issue?

  • katanahamon

    I only have sympathy for Rump voters as far as the whole country’s damage is concerned..they should all lose their jobs for their stupidity. They wanted to hurt Democrats..don’t be deceived. Yeah, the climate on media is frightening. I’m more concerned that the money making media entities are enjoying this free for all and won’t ever support getting back to truth in broadcasting. I can’t sustain it though..Rump must be disposed of, soon. Oh that song will be in my head all day…yes, land of the lost..with Trey Gowdy as The Sleestak… We already are a kleptocracy..

    Alright..I’m countering with..

  • Badgerite

    Oh Jesus, heaven help us from the ‘Green Party’. They have, in all their time in operation, accomplished absolutely nothing but to serve as a format for the GOP to siphon off liberal and progressive voters and thereby elect far ring wing Republicans. I can’t think of a single thing they have done or accomplished in terms of even local legislation, let alone state or national legislation. The GOP even helps and funds their petitions drives to get on the ballot as they did for Ralph Nader in 2000. And it always has the same effect. Bad things for the country. Attacks on the country that succeed.
    Wars, economic disasters, natural disasters where people are left to fend for themselves with as little help from their government as their government can get away with. These are not liberals or progressives. These are political dilittantes who are well enough off to not suffer the impacts of their bad effect on elections. Nader and his ‘raiders’ ran to move the ‘overton window’ of political discourse.
    And since 2000, it has surely moved. To the side of the corporate polluter and Wall Street investors and CEO’s.
    And a political system currently firmly in the grip of the wealthiest in the country. The ‘settled law’ that Nader claimed existed is about to be subverted through right wing appointments to the federal courts. This is what Nader accomplished.
    And what Jill Stein accomplished. Nothing more. imagine the world if the 9/11 plot had not succeeded. If the repeated warnings of the ‘deep state’ had been heeded by the Bush administration and they had taken actions to stop the attack before it occurred. Imagine the world if there had been some oversight at the SEC during the Bush administration instead of Chris Cox and there had been policies in place that would have restrained Wall Street from the worst excesses which led up to 2008.

    • katanahamon

      Yep..and they almost caused the close, close wins by Dems recently to go the other way..

      • Badgerite

        You know, it would be one thing if they could point to any kind of concrete successes they have had in any of their avowed aims. But even the oft referred to ‘overton window’ aims have gone in the other direction. And they helped. It is a party of nothing. Vanity, mostly. Navel gazing.
        Things not worth doing politically and they obstruct those who might actually get something done. If the GOP is willing to pay your bills, one might want to consider that you are not on the side of liberal causes anymore.

    • Scopedog
  • Good show. Sounded like you guys were having some fun – which is something that’s been pushed to the background (if not missing altogether) from a lot of “leftie” media.

    And regarding Beverley Johnson – you’ve chosen wisely, young Robert.

    Keep doin’ good.

    • Ziggy Blue

      Uh, you mean Kimberley A. Johnson?

      • Yeah – sometimes trivia gets stuck in my head and it manifests itself in odd and embarrassing ways. I need an editor.

        Beverly Johnson = The Larry Sanders Show

  • Ziggy Blue

    Decaf? Aaaaiiiieeeee!!!! Say it ain’t so. A fate worse than tea.

    • Tell me about it. I thought I was dying.

      • katanahamon

        Omg..I’m on serious opioids for my neck, and I have..3+ giant mugs of French press every day..I wouldn’t be conscious without it….