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Bob Cesca
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Putin, Pandemic, Porn and Pee -- [Explicit content] Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Republican stock dumping; Trump fires more inspectors general; Jonathan Karl walks into the Trump propeller; Trump loves helicopters; Trump launches his attack on the veracity of the WHO; The Brain Worms Update; The Trumps have a financial stake in hydroxychloroquine; Dr. Oz is advising Trump; Peter Navarro warned Trump in January; With music by State To State and Marina Rocks; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    We’ve reached peak ridiculous. After proving that Congress is useless, worse, toothless and powerless, after proving Rump to be a criminal all the Senate Repubs had to do was say..”no he’s not.” Now, after calling the virus a hoax and now there’s proof he was warned as early as November, he is guilty of murdering thousands of Americans and we allow him to go on tv and bluster, act like a fool and propagandize. We’ve seen the result of a conservative Supreme Court condemning who knows how many to unnecessary exposure to Covid at the Wisconsin primary. The right wing has their own media empire, a newly appointed hoard of judges, and live in their very own bubble of reality. The stock market continues to trade in the worst affront to morals imaginable (think profiting off a dying populace.)

    Hydroxychloroquin has severe side liver and retinal toxicity. Sigh..there’s just too much. Oh..the reason Rump et al came out so fast with a max of 250,000 dead is that it’s a win win. If it’s less, they say “see, we did a great job,” and if it’s right, well, they say they were right and did a great job. If it’s more, they say “well, what a tragedy, no one could have predicted this, but, wow, what a great job we did!”

    This right wing push to say the economy is more important than American lives should be fought with our fullest efforts. Sure, our lives of the 90% are certainly not important to the controlling, profiting 10%.