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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonBill O'Reilly's Vibrator: David Ferguson from Rawstory joins us for the hour; Lindsey Graham says eff you; Trump's missile attack in Syria; Fareed Zakaria's normalization of Trump; Eric Trump says Trump bombed Syria because Ivanka was sad; Russia knew about the attack before it happened; North Korea makes another nuclear threat; Rex Tillerson is worthless; Russian hacker arrested in Spain; Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment settlements; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Scopedog

    Bring back Dave Ferguson! This was one of the best podcasts in quite a while (and they’ve all been great!).

  • galileo126

    Thanks to Dave Ferguson, I had to clean my monitor from the two spit takes over the course of the show. Hilarious…

  • muselet

    Sean Spicer is a boob.

    Eric Trump is … well, I’ll let Bugs Bunny explain:

    I’ve said it before, Vladimir Putin bought Donald Trump’s presidency and is wishing he’d saved the receipt. About now, Bashar al-Assad—as a client of Putin’s—wishes that, too.

    Putin absolutely wants to be Tsar, which in turn means degrading American power and influence. What better way to do that than installing an aggressively ignorant narcissist as President of the United States? One problem with Putin’s strategy is, of course, that Trump is irrational and impulsive and unpredictable. Putin and the rest of us can look forward to more decisions based on Ivanka Trump’s feels or the last thing Steve Bannon tells the president. That is one hell of a scary thought.

    Russia can’t match US military spending. Its economy is, yes, too small and too weak and too dependent on fossil fuel exports (yet another reason why the administration’s “to hell with renewables” stance is so misguided) to even come close. Trump’s proposed increase in military spending is roughly the size of Russia’s total military spending. Tapping into the raw, nihilistic power of underemployed and disenchanted young hackers is an way of trying to level the playing field; whether it’s clever or too clever by half remains to be seen (there is zero evidence that the hackers will remain loyal to Putin—though, in fairness, there’s zero evidence they won’t). It’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy.

    Fun fact: the word дезинформация—disinformation—was coined in Russia. Putin is following in the footsteps of his predecessors (KGB and GPU) by using дезинформация as a tool of influence. Alas, there aren’t—as I keep saying—enough old men who lived through WWII left to keep nations from going off the rails yet again. The rise of toxic nationalism in the US and Europe, the rise of bluntly nationalistic political parties (FN, NF, UKIP, AfD, &c), and the clamor to tear down the institutions put in place after the war to keep the peace weren’t created by Russia, but they are being skilfully exploited.

    Pundits, especially those who make their living blathering on the haunted fishtank, believe making things go boom shows great resolve and gravitas and president-ness. It must be a requirement for anyone aspiring to waste valuable time and photons on the Sunday yak shows to get war boners (sorry, sorry, so sorry).

    Lily Tomlin: “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”

    Bob, the Rs will handle the government running out of money and raising the debt ceiling the same way they’ve done for, what, twelve years: by using the full faith and credit of the United States as a bargaining chip to cut taxes on the wealthy and cut services to the needy. The big difference this year will be the sheer amount of infighting among the various factions of the GOP. Hey, they might destroy our economy and tank the world’s economy, but the House Freedumb Caucus will be steadfast in refusing to compromise (and that’s the important thing, in the end).

    If you don’t believe in the mission of a department, you don’t worry about trivia like staffing. The administration made noise early on about pursuing a (manly) “hard power” strategy rather than a (wimpy, effete) “soft power” strategy like Barack Obama’s, so the Department of State is irrelevant, or near as dammit.

    If the administration were to fill those thousands of mid- and upper-level positions, they’d do so with imbeciles and maniacs. It’s hard to say whether having vacancies or unqualified lunatics would be worse for the nation.

    Snap decisions are all Donald Trump is capable of, given his short attention span, and we can expect more of them as time goes on. I hope he doesn’t decide to loose a flight of nuclear-tipped ICBMs at Tehran (or Pyongyang or Damascus or Moscow or Mexico City or …), but there’s no way to predict his behavior.

    “What is the objective here?” To boost Donald Trump’s approval ratings, of course. Everything else is of secondary importance or less.

    What’s scary about North Korea’s chest-thumping is that China is either unwilling or unable to keep Kim Jong-un on a short leash. Beijing does not want to deal with the flood of refugees that would inevitably result from a nuclear exchange between the DPRK and the US, and in the past has kept the Kims under some control with the usual mix of carrots (food aid) and sticks (a ban on North Korean coal). Now, though, the Outstanding Leader seems to have decided not to care.

    The Pyotr Levashov story is interesting and important, not because of what Maria Levashov said—some reports say various intelligence services are denying he had much of anything to do with the US election results (but they would say that, wouldn’t they? *X Files theme plays*)—but because he might be, or at least is almost certainly connected to, the mysterious “Peter Severa,” described seemingly everywhere as a “Russian computer spam kingpin.” The story warrants continued reporting.

    A Russian hacking/disinformation campaign wouldn’t have been successful had the Right in this country not spent the past sixty years whingeing about public education and science. I have maintained for years that every student shoud be required to take science classes from elementary school onward because I don’t know anything that teaches skepticism and critical thinking better than science (and a scientifically-literate public would be a happy side effect).. Far too many people in the last election cycle would accept any obvious hooey they encountered if it reinforced their existing negative opinions about Hillary Clinton (Pizzagate, anyone?), making them perfect targets for Russian-led propaganda efforts. (Note, I’m not letting Alex Jones or the Breitbrats or the giggling couch tumors on “Fox and Friends” or any of the rest of them off the hook here. They were gleefully churning out defamatory stories about Clinton, but their reach would have been far less without the Russian amplification.)

    “Three years of negative economic growth. Imagine that in the United States.” No, thank you. I don’t need more fodder for nightmares.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Bill O’Reilly is, allegedly, a serial sexual harasser. He just seems the type: a divorced, smug, glib, authoritarian, 67-year-old wannabe alpha male with a brittle ego (Bob, that clip you play of O’Reilly going off on his floor manager or whoever it was over his prompter is both hilarious and telling).


  • Cable News Anchors are like high priced prostitutes who are trying to go legitimate. They get torn between being good people and taking the money. And that explains their back and forth with hating and then praising Drumpf.

    Bob, you left one bit off your theory about what Putin is thinking….”I, Vladimir Putin, had my claws so deeply sunk into the US that I not only ensured that a monstrous celebrity reality show actor and certified toddler was elected to the Presidency AND that nincompoop has destroyed the US’ standing in the world within just a a few months“.

    I predict, right here, right now, that this will go down as not only the first but one of the greatest coups in human history. And it all happened in virtual reality. Not that I’m praising Putin so much as I’m disgusted with my fellow Americans for being so goddamn gullible.

  • Badgerite

    I normally listen to Fareed Zakaria but I would have to say…….FU. And I don’t mean Francis Urquhart. trump has no “presidential” in him. He will never “become” POTUS because of that simple fact. He is in it for himself. The oath he took means nothing. As his promises mean nothing. David Frum pretty much nailed it in his article in the Atlantic.
    “trump’s words mean nothing.”
    “trump does not care about legality.”
    “trump disregards government processes.”
    “trump has no allies.”
    And then there is this: Tillerson just threw out an offhand remark at a gathering in Italy asking why the US should care about Ukraine. There it is. The deal made for the presidency of the Untied States.

  • Badgerite

    He said what now? “Russia has to seriously consider whether it wants to align itself with someone like Assad” because “even Hitler hadn’t stooped so low as to gas his own people”? OMG. That incompetent idiot is aware I would hope that Russia was invaded by Hitler and as a result of that invasion total Russian casualties of WWII from all causes, ( famine, disease, reprisals, warfare, etc) are estimated to be around 20 million, and estimations of 5-6 million of those inflicted by German troops.
    If there is some contest going on to be declared Biggest Pr*ck of the Entire trump Clusterf*ck, for the moment, Spicey has pulled out in front.

  • Draxiar

    Bill’s eyes in that picture above look like they’re going in opposite directions.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Of course the State dept. is in a terrible, understaffed state. We have a Pres. who doesn’t believe in diplomacy, belonging to a party that also doesn’t believe in diplomacy. The State Dept. is yet another government “agency” these people have no use for. You know, like education, energy, etc.

  • katanahamon

    The subversion/forced submission of others IS O’Reilly’s means to sexual’s his entire persona, he translates it into his TV manner. Yet, will “pussy grabbing” or all the sexual harassment suits in the universe harm these guys’ credibility with the right wing base? Probably not.

  • katanahamon

    If you want to harm Assad, why do exactly what he is doing by bombing the citizens of Syria? Why not bomb his residence? I mean, are we serious about it or not? “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Morally speaking… And yes, media response, once again, just pathetic. This was an horrific instance of incompetence, Keith Olbermann had a terrific takedown on it.

    “Cartwheeling Fireball Of Failure” should have been the show title..I like it..perfect description of the Rump administration. I can’t understand why everyone isn’t more alarmed about Rump bombing another country so soon, (with no international political experience, not understanding the issues etc etc) and without Congressional approval. It’s like…game show host..bombing another country. “Queen for a Day.” Now, it’s “President for a Day.” Complete inexperience and bombing=media rewarding and praising.
    Until and unless we have verifiable, researchable votes, we can’t rule out that vote totals were altered. No..this isn’t crazy.. Why is it that everyone totally believes that every..single..poll said Rump was severely behind were all wrong, then he gets exactly the right number and positioning of votes to win despite a huge popular vote advantage going to Hillary and can’t believe that there was vote tampering? I don’t buy it.

  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I tweeted about Ivanka being the reason Trump attacked Syria, before Erick the moron spoke up (and) the media is now writing about it – note the date of my tweet !