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RELM_buttonUnintelligible: Kimberley Johnson, host of the Start Me Up podcast and author of Peyton's Choice joins us for the hour; Your calls at 707-317-6060; We review and dissect Donald Trump's insane AP interview; Donald Junior's animal hatred; What's next in the French election; Lindsey Graham's Skeet City; Jeff Sessions bags on Hawaii; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I don’t know who the guy was you had on the 1st week after Chez’s passing.. He had an English accent and was loud and bitchy and cranky just like Chez.. but he put some pizzazz in the podcast and the back and forth of you 2 was great.. Could you please bring him back? (permanently!)… ugh .. So far, i’ve rarely caught the names of your guest hosts (and I replay it a few times trying to catch their names) and when I do hear a name, like today after playing it a couple times, “Kimberly”.. sorry I may be out of the loop, but I have no clue who she is and from where, and you didn’t say.
    I dunno.. I’m severely depressed over this election and hearing depressing voices with a mellow tone on your podcast just isn’t cutting it for me. Give me someone loud bitchy and makes me laugh. 🙂 Love ya though.. long time fan.

    • KanaW

      I believe you’re thinking of Ben Cohen from the Daily Banter.

  • Troy

    I really enjoy your show however you couldn’t be more misguided in your defense of Justin Rosario’s hit piece on Cenk Uygur. You seem to be caught up on this idea that so many progressive of the Left are still obsessing over the Hilary vs. Bernie ‘thing’. If you took the time to actually listen to what Cenk and many progressives like him are actually saying, perhaps you’d realize that one of thier core ideas is to GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. It’s not about purity tests, its about how demovracy is actually supposed to work. If there are candidates that actually support truly progressive positions from single payer, medicare for all healthcare, a fair living wage of $15/hr minimum, and free education for all, to name a few, then those candidates should primary ANYONE of the establishment, i.e. corporate Democrats who profess their progressiveness and liberalism on a daily basis but in point of fact vote along the lines of thier donors instead of following the will of the people. Look up the most popular policy positions for this country. Look up the polls supporting those positions. If the overwhelming majority of people in this country support progressive policy then where are their representatives fighting for those policies? Can you truly say that the Demodratic party has done ANYTHING to advance the cause of progressive policy in thus country? It is about a lot more than ‘infighting’, its about putting people in a position to actually affect REAL change toward progressive policy, not just status quo, mealy mouthed lip service.

    Mr. Rosario’s piece was an uninformed, half baked attempt at smearing Mr. Uygur and the Young Turks as being something that they are not. I wonder how much effort Mr. Rosario would have put into writing a piece about the weak and the feckless Democrats like the Blue Dog Dems and many others who steadfastly refuse to vote in the best interests of their Democratic constituents in order to straddle the line between what their donors want and trying to appease Right wing voters in thier districts who will NEVER vote for a Democrat especially one who wants to act like a Republican come election time.

    Cenk and the Young Turks are not the problem. People like Mr. Rosario is part of the problem with people who are supposedly Left leaning or dare I say actually progressive who think that they are doing anyone a favor by trying to smear ACTUAL progressives who simply believe that no matter what party you profess to be a part of, the elected officials of said partieswhould actually vote in the interests of what the PEOPLE want and need, not corporate donors. You know, kinda like in an actual democracy.

    The weak, feckless and mealy mouthed Dems are a huge part of the reason that Donald Trump is the POTUS. Purity tests or not, call it what you want, but until the overwhelmingly corrupting influence of money in American politics is removed once and for all, then the door is always open for the next despot to walk into the most powerful office on Earth.

    Attack Democrats who do not live up to their supposed Left or progressive rhetoric, BASED ON THEIR VOTES, instead of Cenk Uygur and the Young Turks, who, by and large continue to speak truth to power and strive for an actual representative democracy instead of the corrupt top down, corporate billionaire kleptocracy that runs the country now.

  • Badgerite

    Actually, President Unintelligible did not say that NATO was “obsolete” because it did not focus on terrorism, which of course it does. He said they did not pay the US enough money and he actually, according to reports, gave Angela Merkel a Monopoly Money bill to emphasize the point. Liar. Demented liar.

  • Michael B. Conway

    You are now a call-show? Oh no. Please no. Please. No.

    • And yet commenters are okay.

      • When do you record and what is the number to call?

        • We mainly take calls on The After Party and we don’t usually take calls on the free show, but watch my Facebook page. We’ll announce it with plenty of notice. The number is 707-317-6060.

      • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Thing is, couldn’t understand the girl.. it was garbled., and after replaying her segment probably 6 times, I really had no clue what she was saying, mixed in with the garbled sound (on her part, not yours). Always meant as constructive criticism cuz we love the show and want to see it succeed for a long time.

  • muselet

    98% of Trump voters will (publicly) state until the end of time continued and enthusiastic support for Donald Trump and that they would vote for him again. They will not change their minds, not even the ones bright enough to realize they were had, because Donald Trump makes libruls cry and that makes it worth getting screwed over.

    That AP interview was frightening. Remember when we thought Sarah Palin’s authentic frontier gibberish was the ultimate word salad? Trump somehow managed to outdo her.

    Pretending Trump is a normal president is dangerous, as you guys say. Yes, we have to live with an apparently–cognitively-impaired lunatic in the White House for the next four years (no way, no way in hell, will the Rs impeach Trump or will Mike Pence invoke the 25th Amendment), but even so, This. Is. Not. Normal.

    Alec Baldwin’s “Donald Trump” said a couple of Saturdays ago, “Kim Jong-un is a bad, bad guy. He’s a warmonger, he’s quick to anger, he’s a huge narcissist, he’s got a stupid little haircut, I mean, why would they let a man like that run an entire country?”

    Tell me that doesn’t sound exactly like something the actual Donald Trump said during the AP interview.

    Gee, Trump is still obsessed with TV ratings and still gets the numbers terribly wrong.

    Apart from an occasional crack about Uday and Qusay, I tend to leave the two older Trump sons alone. They’re off making money off their father’s name and position like good little tinhorn dictators’ sons do, but it’s not as if they’re unofficial official advisers to the president with an office in the White House. They may be revolting—shooting prairie dogs for fun is incomprehensible, and even the “population control” excuse doesn’t make sense (you can’t shoot enough of the little buggers to make much of a difference)—but they’re just members of the Lucky Sperm Club. Ivanka, on the other hand …

    Right now, it looks likely that Emmanuel Macron will be the next president of France, or at least that’s what European analysts think (they figure most everyone who voted for anyone else will switch to Macron in the second round). I fervently hope they’re right. Marine Le Pen has put a smiley face on her father’s racism and xenophobia, and usually speaks in reasonable tones, so if you don’t pay any attention to what she actually says (or the FN’s holy crap! policy positions) she comes across as a nice whack-job.

    Take a look at the front page of Truthdig almost any day and there will be at least one featured piece decrying the Russophobia and neo-McCarthyism of the establishment neoliberals in the Democratic Party. Some of the authors are Bernie Sanders supporters, some are Jill Stein supporters, and every damn’ one of them labors under the misconception that their favored candidate would have been swamped by Donald Trump (with or without Russian interference).

    It should come as no surprise Russia is targeting other elections. Weakening the EU and NATO would be a dream come true for Russia.

    European conservatives haven’t been much like American conservatives since Margaret Thatcher. They know that messing around with the healthcare system—whether a National Health system like the UK’s or a single-payer insurance system like France’s—would doom them to minor-party status. They tend to leave that stuff strictly alone. Marine Le Pen is insane, but not that insane.

    Legislatively rolling back and/or judicially overturning Roe v. Wade would be problematic for the Rs, but it wouldn’t (necessarily) be a death blow. There are enough disillusioned voters, women included, who would shrug, mutter “What’re ya gonna do?” and go on with their lives.

    Of course Rs ignore sound science when considering legislation. Irrelevant stuff like that just complicates the beautiful, pure world they imagine.

    “Well, in the end, I just want for Democrats, progressives, whatever, take women’s bodies off the fucking table.” Well said.


  • katanahamon

    Have to recommend an article from a year ago, at Voluble “On Becoming Anti Bernie,” it’s a terrific read.

  • debish

    wait a minute, we can call in? how?

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great show, Bob and Kimberly!! Very both funny and informative! Very, very good. (I’m Rumping just a little). I love the addition of the phone calls, could be loads of fun! Thanx for the show!

  • katanahamon

    It’s not surprising that Rump voters don’t regret their vote, because it was already obvious his campaign was based on lies and he is insane, so…they were crazy to start with..and crazy don’t wash off.

    How many instances of Rump saying absolutely crazy, false, etc. things have to happen before we remove him from office? He’s got many of us have had parents that exhibited these same symptoms? This is horrifyingly frustrating in the amount of “emperor’s new clothes” people seem willing to avert their eyes for.

    Yep..I’m with Kimberley..the Berners are nuts. But, look at their leader..Bernie is nuts. You’ll never hear him apologize for his nasty, way too prolonged campaign, and he is STILL out there fomenting discord. Why the Democrats continue to try and appease him is getting really ridiculous. If he goes out on some supposed reconciliation tour, and then sits there and refuses to be identified as a Democrat (after using them to run a presidential campaign) then it’s time to dump his ass. Actually, way past time.