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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Uncle Jesus Dentures -- NSFW! We take a deep dive into the latest series of anti-woman, anti-choice laws recently passed in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri, and what happens next as Roe v Wade hangs by a thread; The Goth Ninjas, Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here, too; with music by Rellglizzy and Eytan Mirsky; and much more!

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  • I’m really enjoying these Thursday shows with The Goth Ninjas!

    I was watching old clips of Conway on Youtube last night around midnight…laughed so hard, I woke up my daughter. Such a loss.

    The recent abortion laws plus all the anti-LGBTQ stuff is really getting me and my daughter down. I am seriously worried about her future in this country. I can’t even describe how bad this makes me and many other women feel. Words fail. I’m just so angry and worried.

    • Ziggy Blue

      There are many times, over the past few years, that I’ve enjoyed your comments. Have you ever considered going to Patreon to listen? The regular show is still free there and I know your presence would be extremely welcome by all the other listeners/commenters. Just a thought. Stay well and keep on talking the truth.

      • Oh, thanks! I listen to the Post Mortem and just signed up for the After Party there. I comment under the nym Tina Rhodes. 🙂

        • Ziggy Blue

          Wow. Great. We have a fun community in Cescaville, Patreon, U.S.A. And the After Party, too. You’re in for a treat. SO great to have you here, Tina.