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Bob Cesca
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Chicken -- NSFW; Bill Barr refused to appear in Congress; DOJ will not deliver an unredacted Mueller Report to Congress; Nancy Pelosi says Barr committed a crime; Mueller needs to step up; The Barr testimony; Lindsey says Trump is a fcking idiot; Kamala Harris destroys Barr; The Oleg Deripaska question; Mueller will testify this month; Hillary's China scenario; The Bidens and Ukraine; The Goth Ninjas are here; Jody Hamilton from the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network and David 'TRex' Ferguson from the TRex Report Podcast; With music by Tim King and Jason Revoir; and much more.

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  • Badgerite

    Bill Barr’s legal nonsense is just that, nonsense. The idea that you cannot be charged with obstruction of justice if you succeed in obstructing an underlying charge means that any criminal has a built in incentive to do just that. It is a get out of jail free card. As is the idea that a Special Counsel investigation that is not allowed per existing DOJ policy to indict a sitting *president* ( see illegitimate squatter in the White House who got there via the actions of a hostile foreign power)
    is somehow illegitimate if it does not issue an indictment of “Individual 1”.
    The character of William Barr and Rod Rosenstein and the gop are on full display here. There is no fig leaf here for them to hide behind. Least of all the ridiculous bravado of trump deserving “two additional years because of the two years” the investigation somehow restrained him from going full authoritarian and instituting the Christian version of Sharia Law.
    (See Dominionists and ‘Biblical law’) Different mask. Same thing.

  • “Mueller’s still a DOJ employee”
    Jody: So? (the sound of a hammer slamming the fuck out of a nail head)
    Absolutely right. Mueller could make a public statement in his capacity as Special Counsel (I think – depending on what his charter says, and whether or not Barr has instructed him to shut up). But let’s say he steps out of line and goes to the press on his own. What’s Barr gonna do – fire him? And so what if he does? Mueller has to be able to see what’s becoming of DOJ. If he allows Barr to go on taking all the honor out of the place, what’s left to defend?

    I get the point of working hard to stick with “due process” – that’s a great strength of the system, so it’s really important – but it’s a strength that’s being used against us now. And that puts us in a very tight spot.

    It gets weirder and stickier from here.

    BTW, don’t assume there’s no link between Barr and the Russians.

  • Badgerite

    Said in the voice of the Land Sea Shark.
    (Knock. Knock) Phony Graham.
    Point being Lindsey Graham is an fffing phony

    • Followed by “strength” in Miss Lindsey’s voice.

      • Badgerite

        🙂 Hee, hee,hee.
        I’ve about had it with his faux outrage over someone actually speaking the truth.

  • Chris Budesa
  • Chris Budesa

    The NY AG may take the tRump Crime Family down.