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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Death By Stupid Shit -- [Explicit Content] Hulk smash pants; Trump threatens swing states that use mail-in ballots; Trump was impeached for trying this once already; Trump mangles blurts about testing and 'per capita'; The Goofus File; Sweden is in terrible shape; Southern states show increase in cases; Georgia church closes indefinitely; 39 million Americans unemployed; CDC claims inaction caused more deaths; 54,000 people died from Trump's incompetence; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Freekbass and Luna Blu; and more!

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  • jaq

    joe rogan is an idiot (and not just about politics).. derails interviews with scientists with stupid arguments because he can’t grasp it.. derails conversations about the first amendment with stupid questions because he can’t grasp it.. derails discussions of religion with stupid points because he can’t grasp it…etc, etc. it’s a drag because he DOES score some good guests, and is one of the few who allots enough time to get a comprehensive in-depth interview going (when he’s not interrupting with the insipid questions/counterpoints of a 5th grader), but i’m selective about when i listen to him at this point (basically only when he gets a good guest i really want to hear from).

  • galileo126


    Was that clip from “Cheap Radio Thrills”? I seem to remember something like that when I was back in radio (1979-1983)….

    Thanks Bob!

    • There’s a jingle package I own — the Ken-R Pro Pak — featuring older jingles, etc, so it might be the same as what you’re talking about.

      • galileo126

        Ahh, OK. The “Cheap Radio Thrills” 3 volume set was put out by a company called ” L.A. Air Force”. Thanks for the reply!