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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonThis Is A Dark Ride -- NSFW; Author and podcaster Kimberley A. Johnson is here; Trump cancels North Korea summit; South Korea bewildered; Trump misspells Kim Jong Un; James Clapper confirms that Trump won because of the Russia attack; Constitutional Crisis Underway; Two DOJ Briefings with lawmakers; Jeff Flake nailed Trump again; Tomi Lahren hit by water; American voters are stupid; Jared Kushner gets his security clearance; Michael Cohen paid $400K by Ukraine; and so much more.

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  • Bob, you and I both have been saying for over a year now that they didn’t need to change vote totals. Furthermore we KNOW the Russians were able to break into many County Recorder servers and were able to touch voter registration records. So all they had to do was mess with a few registration records here and there and it adds up. And the counties would have no way to know what was or wasn’t changed (because their ability to verify the integrity of their data is non-existent).

  • Aynwrong

    I’m old enough to remember when 47 congressional Republicans wrote an open letter to the leadership of Iran telling to not work with Barack Obama. So I’m not going to waste time worrying about not giving Trump enough credit for what we all knew Trump he was never going to able to achieve anyway. He couldn’t even get through this without humiliating the nation in front of the entire planet. Again.

  • Another nail-head moment for ya, Bob – the part about 45*’s letter canceling the NoKo meeting.
    Trump is not capable of understanding any culture but his own (see also White Supremacy), so when he’s trying to ‘deal’ with Asian governments, he can only operate under the Full Metal Jacket premise, ie: “Inside every gook there is an American trying to get out.”
    (with appropriately supplicating apologies for including a bad word in my quote)

    Keep doin’ good, bubba – and more Kimberley A Johnson, please.

  • holyreality

    Trump is a symptom of the disease, democracy is an idea that misleads us into distractions.

    Trump won because Hillary and her hubris in the rust belt left her union constituents out in the cold. Russian Facebook and Twitter advertising was lame at best, there is no way that this only proven influence amounted to more than a few votes. Liberals’ obsession with Russia collusion is self destructive, president Pence is not a step forward. Focusing on policy and shrewd campaigning for Congress will pay off more than “getting” Trump in whatever net is successful.

    Delusion and faith is a combination that leads a primrose path. When the enemy is making a mistake let them, and the power brokers watch with laughter as liberals immolate themselves.

    • katanahamon

      The constant blaming of Hillary for “losing” after receiving a majority of votes or assigning any blame to her whatsoever is a sad, tired right wing talking point used by faux leftist commentators to continually sow bad feelings.

      • holyreality

        Wait, what, constant blaming? What planet are you on? There is nobody, anywhere outside of,, Jimmy Dore, The Humanist Report and Lee Camp who dare blame Hillary for her pride and corporate lapdoggery losing her the 3 key states in the electoral college. She lost the brass tacks, plain and simple. Right wingers are too stupid to see obvious fact, lefties are too proud to see the truth.

        Everywhere else it is commonly accepted that Putin installed Trump somehow without evidence. (the leaders of “17 agencies” all opined that Russia hacked the election but have no proof) This “get” Trump obsession only helps the right.

        There’s plenty of bad feelings to go around, spelling out how Hillary blew it and gave us Trump AFTER marginalizing Sanders is not only ignored, but good liberals must attack me for saying so. So who has the edge on bad feelings?

        • katanahamon

          Thanks for proving my point. Maybe you should get “heavy duty” next time for your foil hat, the regular isn’t cutting it.

          • holyreality

            You dinged the potshot bell, good job!
            You also did a great job demonstrating ignorance. Step 1 declaring victory, 2 suggest that the opposing view is crazy.
            Your refusal to even look at the truth is the entire basis of the DNC strategy. Tom Perez doesn’t care about you. The DNC leadership would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive. But keep that Russia obsession alive, no tinfoil needed for that.

  • katanahamon

    Flake can eloquently describe the disaster we are involved in all he wants, but he and his party are directly responsible for Rump. They could have prevented him from running as a Republican many, many times, they had ample opportunities to do so. So I’m sorry, but it’s pretty hypocritical of Flake to be yammering about what a disaster Rump is..we knew exactly what he was when he descended the golden escalator.

    Thanks Bob, Kimberley too, listening to some sanity and being able to vent a little in the comments really helps me from just succumbing to depression. Yeah..Kushner getting a security clearance is ridiculous. Keep up the good work..(maybe an article about how much Rump is costing taxpayers with his rallies, why they’re inappropriate for a sitting president, and why no one seems to call out Rump on all the propaganda and outright lies he spouts in them..)

    • While I can appreciate what Flake is saying it is too little, too late. And like you, I feel it’s a little bit too convenient for him to be saying it now that he’s retiring and in no position to really stop Trump. I think he is only speaking his mind because he has Presidential ambitions and wants to have his cake (keep enough Republicans supporting him) and eat it too (claim to have opposed Trump later and attract moderates). Flake certainly isn’t doing anyone any favors by resigning. I’d rather see him stay in office and oppose Trump–something I never thought I’d say or feel about ANY Republican.

  • katanahamon

    What’s worse to realize is that the foreign interference is bad, but the Republican cooperation and support of the destruction of our norms and rule of law is the most depressing part. (Devin Nunes) Yes, it is depressing. The constant narcissistic drone of Rump, and the capitulation of the legal/governmental system to allow him to disrupt the investigation of him is really, really worrisome. Wow..Rump’s letter sounds like a fifth grader’s first business letterwriting assignment. Or maybe a snarky junior high breakup letter. What..a..moron. I’m still sticking with my theory that Rump never wanted to be elected as he just needed to raise cash and because he knew he couldn’t withstand the legal scrutiny, so he immediately went on the offensive. All he wanted was to make a good showing to raise his profile and cash in on the notoriety. Now, he and hangers on like Cohen are literally cashing in on the office of the presidency. Actually, the cancellation of the NK summit was Rump’s clever plan to short the sale of the commemorative coins. Yeah, being funny, but that’s how petty Rump is..I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    I can’t believe at all that the DOJ gave in to Rump pressuring them. That’s unbelievable bullshit to have a criminal dictating how they’ll be investigated, or casting a pall of illegitimacy on legitimate proceedings. More destruction of our democracy. He should have been shut down immediately on this because it gives his ludicrous accusations traction just by the mere fact that they are being considered and acted upon, instead of being dismissed as the ravings of a lunatic.

  • Badgerite

    Barack Obama is now a private citizen. You cannot ‘impeach’ a private citizen. A private citizen does not go ‘on trial’ before Congress. Congress is a political body. Not part of the justice system. Of course, Barack Obama, unlike trump and the trump family, has never committed a crime. We don’t ‘impeach’ private citizens. You have to go through the normal process of the judicial system and prove by evidence in a court of law that he committed some crime.
    Not hard to do with trump. Very hard to do with Barack Obama.