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The Bob Cesca Show Presented By 5/28/20

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

The American Nervous Breakdown -- [Explicit Content] Hail Satan! The murder of George Floyd; The difference between the Minneapolis protesters and the gun-toting cosplayers in Michigan; Trump retweets "The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat"; Trump considering a nuclear test; Trump goes to war against social media because Twitter fact-checked his lies; The executive order; Red Hats are threatening to shoot their dicks off to own the libs; Trump says wearing a mask is politically correct; TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; With music by Callie Cardamon and The Farleys; and more!

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  • Scopedog

    Great show as always, Bob.

    As for Trump wanting to conduct above-ground nuclear tests…well, he’d have to pull us out of the Test Ban Treaty. And in Trump’s fucked-up brain, it’s something he would consider while some still sit in their purity corners moaning about “both sides”.

    Of course, remember all those fine purists in 2016 who were sneering that Hillary was going to start firing off the nukes and all that other horseshit? Yeah…they’re fucking wrong again, but of course they’ll never admit to it.

    As for the Red Hats pointing guns at their peckers…you know what, I’m sure there isn’t much there to begin with, so if the guns went off, not much will be lost.