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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonI Meant To Do That -- NSFW; Jacki Schechner is here from; Rudy Giuliani totally lost his shpadoinkle on Hannity; Giuliani blabs about Trump's payoff to Stormy Daniels and refers to FBI agents as Nazi Stormtroopers; Giuliani could have implicated Trump in a federal crime; Trump and Giuliani running the show; The government tapped Michael Cohen's phones; Michael Schmidt reports Trump and Cohen aren't disclosing details to their own lawyers; Ukraine sold rockets in exchange for shutting out Mueller; Ty Cobb is out; Cambridge Analytica shuts down; and much more.

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  • Bob, you make me feel so old….Cassette tapes…and my Mother voted for Trump as well….Being Generation X sucks so hard.

    • ranger11

      How did Generation X become the forgotten generation? The first half of my life being overshadowed by the boomers and now the millennials. It’s quite possible we might be the last sane generation.

      • The only sane generation — exactly right.

      • It’s quite possible we might be the last sane generation.

        On my bad days, I think you might be right. But then my 15 year old daughter says something astute about the political situation and I am relieved. We need only look to the Parkland Generation (Generation P?) to see that there is hope.

  • katanahamon

    The worst consequence of the correspondents’ dinner was the critical reaction of entities on the left. Norms, standards, values, ethics, it’s all out the window these days. I still can’t believe Rump was allowed to run for President…yeah..I’m still there. I love the fact that they signed on Giuliani..I said it the very second it happened that this was great news for the left..Giuliani is crazy, senile, a fool, etc etc. seriously.. Senile. Yes Jacki…Rump has always operated as a goon, and feels that as President, with his adoring crowds and rallies as affirmation, he feels he will get away with anything. Thanks for saying it Jacki..dumb America elected the worst example of our society. I think America started to really go officially off the rails when we didn’t freak out over the stealing of a Supreme Court seat. Now they’re installing freak shows of judges..
    When we talk about alllll the lying, my biggest peeve is..”where’s the media?” Where’s the pushback? Where is reporter after reporter after reporter hounding these fools on the podium to answer the questions? It’s so disappointing..I still haven’t heard a single media figure ask “who’s paying for Rump’s rallies?” “Is it appropriate for taxpayers to pay for a crazy person to hold Nazi-like rallies where he disseminates lies and propaganda? Why doesn’t the media hold Rump responsible for the lies he spouts at these rallies?” Nunes..ugh. The epitome of compromised ethics. With respect to the Ukraine and the sanctions stories, again..where’s the media?

    • Ziggy Blue

      Righteous, brother! Say it loud and say it again. Where’s the press when we need it? The FREE press. The Truthful press. The patriotic press. Sure, the press has fact-checkers working in a back room somewhere. But why hasn’t that fact-checking (which is really easy, given Drumpf’s continuous and multitudinous lies) made it’s way into the lead story on every damn network not named Fux Noise? And, don’t get me started on Gorsuch. Gorsuch will “stick in my craw” and “get my goat” for-fucking-ever. Really, I get very depressed about Gorsuch whenever I think about this m-f’er.

      • Victor the Crab

        The Goddamn press doesn’t give a fuck about their profession, except for obtaining access to everyone in the worst way possible in exchange for bazillions of dirty dollars. That’s why the Todds and Cillizzas of the Liberally Biased Mainstream Media™ will continue to bloody scream BOTH FUCKING SIDES!!! as the tools of the right will keep on looking the other way in order to get what they want, which is total control of the American sheeple populace.


  • “Nunes is so dirty” – yup. It’s the campaign money. It seems Mr Mueller is close to showing up some of these guys as the Coin-Operated Politicians they are – and that’s the kinda thing that makes your asshole so tight, you squeak when you walk.

    It’s bad enough for somebody to show how some of the money got into your campaign illegally, but when it includes Russian money – possibly Russian Mob money – which in turn may be proof of other criminal acts – suddenly the shit-zits are poppin’ all over the joint.

  • Aynwrong

    “The fact that this even became a thing” re: Michelle Wolfe, is absurd but not even remotely surprising. I think R’s have reliably bitched and moaned about being unfairly maligned by the “elites” at every televised bow tie event since the 90s. These snowflakes ought to stay in their safe spaces.

    • Don P

      Secondary thought regarding White House Correspondents Dinner: Trump & Company are incapable of writing/performing 20 minutes of comedy without using his OUTSIDE racist asshole voice.

  • Aynwrong

    I’m wondering how many times Trump administration officials toadies have privately asked