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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

RELM_buttonThe Mascot -- NSFW; Jacki Schechner from is here; Trump contradicts his confession to Lester Holt; Dinesh D'Souza pardoned; Trump hits Mexico, Canada and the EU with unnecessary tariffs; Lordy there are tapes; Trey Gowdy debunks Trump's latest conspiracy theory; FBI is reconstructing Michael Cohen's shredded documents; The Deep State; Trump says visiting shooing victims will be fun; and so much more.

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  • katanahamon

    Why is the media making front page headlines with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? Because..both sides..see? Democrats are bad too…it’s not like there’s a mental patient declaring he can commit any crime he wants and pardon himself in the White House now…

  • katanahamon

    America is in a very dangerous place now, with an utter liar in the presidency who does nothing all day but spread lies and propaganda. (Not even getting into his disastrous “policy” decisions) Worse, the Repubs are actually supporting this untenable situation with more spin, lies and propaganda. Then, look at certain media outlets that absolutely support the conspiracy of’s a giant framework of ice and eggshells. I’m hoping that Mueller begins the attack soon..I’m not sure how much more we can take. I’d imagine reconstructing documents would be easiest by scanning the pieces into a computer program. That’s the only way a diamond crosscut shredder pieces could be recovered. And, that’s what computers are good at. I wanted to say how much I appreciate Jacki’s work for the Investigaterussia site..I can’t read much at the site because I get so, so angry, but the sheer amount of scary information is stunning. I thought the never give up quote was from Independence Day..if you’re right, thanks..guess I had it wrong. Yeah, Kim Kardashian having a meeting at the White House really caps it all, doesn’t it?? The only “catastrophic end” for Rump can come from Mueller, so, we have to hope that it actually happens. I don’t think presidents should be able to pardon for crimes related to themselves..that’s just..wrong.

  • Not that anybody has the time to check every little piece of shit the floats out of the Cult45 sewer.

    • Ziggy Blue

      Excellent, Mike. A perfect rule of thumb for these Dystopian times. Apply when needed; repeat as necessary.

  • Good show as always!

    I’m going to adopt a cat this weekend, maybe a kitten. Although I always feel soooooo bad for the older cats at the shelter because everyone wants kittens…we will see.

    In re: Cohen, as long as it’s not a chipper shredder it’s not that hard to put it together. But a chipper shredder, well they will have their work cut out for them. You might be surprised at how often prosecutors use re-assembled shredded documents to build cases.

  • Michael B. Conway

    I sez to myself, I sez, “Self?” ~Donny Trump