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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonBe Best -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump pulls out of the Iran Deal; Iran threatens more nukes than ever; Trump slurring his words again; Eric Schneiderman accused of sexual assault; Bob versus the NRA; Primary day in West Virginia; Melania Trump announces 'Be Best' campaign; Melania's booklet stolen from Obama team; Trump's mock Mueller interview was a disaster; Dems to release 3,000 Russian Facebook ads; The linkage between Russia and the inauguration; and much more.

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  • Badgerite

    We now have a statistic for how many people you can fool all of the time.
    And the answer is……20%. ( Evidence provided by West Virginia GOP Senate primary results)

  • The Men in Black thing is a Neuralizer.

    If you prefer fantasy, Harry Potter has the Memory Charm.

    • Didn’t Will Smith call it a “flashy thing”?

      • You’re right! He did. He didn’t use the gadget’s name at all in the first movie.

  • Badgerite

    Holy crap. It looks like Michael Cohen was the repository for a whole lot of funds, foreign and domestic, looking to influence ( see pay for play) the trump regime in certain regulatory and executive decisions. In the real world, we call that bribery. Funneling of money to Cohen equal bribery of trump. Just as the Briody payment might have been. A means of bribing trump for policy decisions that affect their businesses. Swamp things. No wonder trump freaked out when the search warrants were executed on Cohen office and residences.

  • Badgerite

    Bears repeating. Kellyanne Conway is an ass.

  • katanahamon

    Can you imagine if Michele Obama spoke like Melania?

  • katanahamon

    It’s not dry mouth, it’s a dry brain..devoid of facts, information and empathy…

  • jaq

    glad i’m not the only one who noticed trump was slurring again.. not as severe as his israel “god bless” speech, but there was definitely something wrong again today.

  • katanahamon

    The sheer arrogance of this..this narcissistic toddler shithead is beyond belief. (He said a “great agreement would have been easy to achieve” omg..omg..the arrogance..) America’s credibility just went into the toilet. A man who has paid off prostitute/porn stars and can’t even keep his story straight has embarrassed us on the world stage. Sanctions require solidarity, so..that’s out. They won’t work against Iran since all the other signatories will deal with them. (This is bad in many ways, as it gives the Iranian hardliners more power thus inciting the whole situation. If Rump really wanted democracy in Iran, this was the worst thing he could do to discourage it.) Our allies now are questioning ever cooperating again with us. So..we are allowing this useless fuck who is in process of several investigations to destabilize an entire region..guess that’s rhetorical so I won’t put a question mark. Leave it to the Republicans to put out propaganda to precipitate a war, gee, when have we seen this? Maybe…Bush…Saddam….remember? Will Rump still be funny, a joke, entertaining when people’s children are dying in the desert, or the conflict goes nuclear?
    Regime change? Jesus..we need regime change here in America, fast.
    Schneiderman? I think Rump already broke the mold, so, keep the pressure on Rump, he’s the problem. As for you guys being axe murderers Buzz, as long as you’re fun and entertaining axe murderers, we will still tune in.