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RELM_buttonKislyak Brought The Lube: The great Jacki Schechner is here today; The aftermath of the firing of James Comey; The Trump, Kislyak and Lavrov threeway in the Oval Office; Prime the Pump; Conspiracy theories; TASS in the Oval but no American press; Rosenstein nearly resigned in protest; Sean Spicer hiding among the bushes; Mike Flynn's records subpoenaed by the Senate Intel Committee; Republicans flacking for Trump; Fixing Obamacare and the Marketplaces; #FattyFattyToadBoy; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • 45* adding to his stable of lawyers is a pretty big development – if it turns out to be true – and Bob has been pretty careful about getting it straight.

    I’ve not really been on top of this, but I try to to be a little watchful, and I hadn’t heard anything even hinting at that little tidbit since March, when he lawyered up for an “attack on Federal Agencies”.

    If he’s taken on private counsel because of Trump/Russia, it increases the probability by orders of magnitude that this thing is about to get big enough to blot out the sun.

    I was at the end of my first failed attempt at college in ’73, and I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere for that whole summer because it felt like my butt was bolted to a chair in the kitchen watching the Ervin hearings on a crappy little portable black-n-white TV. It was astounding how all-consuming that thing was almost 25 years before the internet hit its stride. This one oughta be nothing short of a total World Fuck.

  • Zen Diesel
  • muselet

    I’m with you on horrified, Bob, but excited? The Russia/Trump mess will just get messier. Given Donald Trump’s behavior so far, I’ll go out on a limb and predict mass firings and paranoid ravings on a scale that would make Richard Nixon blanch.

    Earlier today, the line out of the White House was that the Russians lied about who the photographer was in the Trump/Lavrov/Kislyak meeting. It’s certainly plausible that Lavrov’s office didn’t mention that his personal photographer works for Tass, but isn’t it kind of in the job description to find out who walks into the Oval Office? (Is there no one, no one at all, in this administration who is even vaguely competent?)

    Hoo boy, I hope the Secret Service does regular sweeps of the White House for electronic surveillance devices.

    Lindsey Graham blows hot and cold when it comes to Trump, so I tend to discount anything he says, pro or con.

    What I think is more relevant is that Trump sent Keith Schiller—his pet goombah—to hand-deliver James Comey’s termination letter to FBI headquarters, knowing full well Comey was in Los Angeles at the time. The rumor mill says a good portion of the Bureau wants to dig deeper into Trump’s dealings with Russia and Russian interference in the election. The Bureau may be Famous But Incompetent, but trying to intimidate the FBI is a really dumb move.

    Oh, Donald Trump is compromised, guaranteed. The leverage the Russian oligarchs—and, by extension, Vladimir Putin—have is, as you guys say, financial. If they decide to call in loans or accidentally-on-purpose disclose how much Trump is into them for, Trump’s carefully-cultivated image as a successful businessman and billionaire goes bye-bye. Forget videos of him watching and/or engaging in watersports—apologies for the mental image—it’s the money he cares about.

    Personal loyalty? Trump expects personal loyalty from the Director of the FBI? The distinctive whiff of banana republic that Trump gives off is getting hard to ignore.

    Donald Trump’s interview with The Economist would have been hilarious if he weren’t the sitting President of the United States. Of course, you can say the same about all of his interviews …

    No, of course Trump doesn’t understand insurance. He’s never had to think about it his entire life. He’s never been without because he’s always had money, and assuming his employees have health insurance provided by The Trump Organization, the details are taken care of by the back office. Expecting him to understand how health insurance works is like expecting a naked mole rat to understand the weak nuclear force.

    The only thing insurance companies hate more than paying claims is uncertainty, and the Rs are doing everything they possibly can to maximize uncertainty so they can claim the ACA is failing. What’s less clear is how they intend to woo back the insurers they’re deliberately scaring off now. I’m sure Paul Ryan has a plan, and that right there is a terrifying thought.

    Sean Spicer communing with the White House landscaping was eccentric, to say the least, as was his demand that he not be videoed. As I said on the blog, maybe he really likes shrubberies.

    “I never thought in a million years, coming up, studying politics in college, studying the American presidency in college, and learning about things like Watergate and all these presidential scandals, never in a million years did I ever, ever think that something like this would happen with a press secretary hiding in the bushes and the FBI director getting fired by a guy named Donald Trump, who’s a reality-show diva who somehow got elected president because he colluded with a foreign government, Russia specifically, to hijack the election and be installed as president. Oh my god.” Well, yeah, of course it sounds bad when you put it that way, Bob.

    Trump assumed firing James Comey would be popular with both the Ds and Rs. Is anyone else reminded of “we will be greeted as liberators”?

    Donald Trump presents a classic example of the Dunning-Kruger effect: he thinks he’s competent, but he really isn’t even competent enough to recognize his own incompetence.

    Right now, the Rs are sticking with Trump primarily out of tribal loyalty, but also because he’s still seen as Grover Norquist’s dream president (one who can sign his name; everything else is optional). They’ll keep backing Trump and emitting clouds of squid-ink—as Charlie Pierce puts it—as a distraction until the Russia connection looms too large to ignore (and threatens to crush their chances of reelection). Then and only then will they bravely run away from the Dear Leader.


  • katanahamon

    Rump was shocked by the results of him firing Comey shocker..Rump does not understand anything about politics, Washington, the presidency, the media, or anything else. He’s not able to logically predict others’ behavior because he has lived a life unique to the vast majority of “normal” people, only project his own nefarious schemes and desires. He does not have the education, experience, desire, preparation, capability, constitution, morals, or wherewithal to perform the duties of president..this was obvious during the campaign, painfully obvious during the debates, and painfully obvious every time Rump opens his mouth. The only thing worse about this situation is the embarrassing spinelessness of the Republican Party, and their obstruction in getting any kind of resolution to this horrific problem. I’m waiting for a national emergency now..if Rump doesn’t initiate it himself with North Korea, then something else, attack or natural catastrophe because that’s one of the only things to really muck up the already f’ed beyond reason situation we already are in. Or Russia pressing forward with their initiatives as they know the American people have no faith in their government, since they also know even better than the right wing mouth breathers how screwed up we are right now!

  • katanahamon

    Rump et al really don’t care what it “looks” like, they have hordes of people to help cover everything Grassley..why Grassley’s comment about “suck it up and move on” didn’t create a giant firestorm in and of itself is an indicator of just how f’ed up things are. But..firing the person in charge of investigating? Because…Hillary? Spicer literally hiding in the bushes? Apparently Spicer agreed to come out only if they “turned the cameras off or around.” Someone should have filmed that..I think it was irresponsible of them not to have caught him in the undignified act of exiting a that the behavior we expect from White House officials? This country needs to do some growing up..allowing half of our population to wallow in ignorance, consuming right wing propaganda meant to mislead them, living in some false bubble of unreality creating “enemies” out of the left wing, vilifying President Obama, Hillary etc and reinforcing amongst the semi literate that all Democrats are evil. This in turn has poisoned our entire system of government by killing cooperation. Now it’s mob rule by the majority, and the current majority is insane.

    We might as well not bother talking health insurance while the right wing is in power, because they will degrade, legislate against, confuse, obfuscate, and propagandize against Obamacare until it is useless. Repubs will get their way, it’s only a matter of time. We will become a third world country in terms of healthcare as long as the Repubs and Rump are in control.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great show with Jacki today——-thanx for the info about the Economist article——I left here at 43:00 to read it, and was properly shocked by the roiling stupidity of it!! The reporter had to ask Rump 4 times what a fair trade deal would look like??? This guy DEFINITELY has to go! He has the attention span of a gnat! I HATE the people who voted for this feebe!

    • muselet

      “Roiling stupidity.” That’s a great turn of phrase, and I’m definitely stealing it.

      And Charlie Pierce has said Donald Trump has the attention span of a flea on a griddle. Sounds about right.


  • ProudLiberalAlways

    I heard Rump say he fired Comey because Comey was a “grandstander”. Who the hell gives a damn if he is?????? How in the name of Christ is it relevant, and to whom???? As if we’re expected to believe Rump objects to outsized egos. Has he ever met his family? Or himself?

    • katanahamon

      The translation is “someone Rump felt was getting more positive and frequent media attention than he was, and had the power to make him look very bad if the investigation continues.”

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    To answer Jacki’s question at 20:00 or so, I don’t think you can answer evil/incompetent until we know who sent Comey to L.A. Although, maybe Bob is right, at 1st, stupidity, then asshole behavior.

  • The “shrubbery” suit is called a ghillie suit. It’s used by the military ( particularly special forces, snipers, etc) and by law enforcement (apparently to capture child molesters in kitchens!)

  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Slow news day….


  • Badgerite

    Jesus. Tass in the Oval Office. Russian intelligence in the Oval Office. They almost put their feet up on the desk. Could it be any more obvious?