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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonStupid Watergate: It's Tyranny Tuesday with Driftglass and Blue Gal from The Professional Left Podcast today; The latest from Manchester; Trump sleepwalks his way through the Middle East; Trump forgets he's still in the Middle East; Trump and the Orb; Melania vs Donald; The Trump Budget is here; Trumpers who love Obamacare; John Brennan testifies on Trump Russia probe; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
  • Man! The Blue Gal and Driftglass shows are always too short. I want them to keep going, another hour or three. So clever, so insightful. And funny too.

  • Badgerite
  • Badgerite

    Complicit. It isn’t just for Ivanka anymore. Paul Ryan and GOP. They are “deeply troubled”. Could it be anymore obvious that they don’t care.

  • 1933john

    Is Trump the real “Zig Zagowits”?

  • Ziggy Blue

    Two thumbs up for Driftglass and Blue Gal. Very lively repartee and deliriously funny at times. Bob is a multi-media magician.

  • My husband is a first responder/firefighter. He has a very large and busy highway right through his response area and he sees some horrific motor vehicle accidents on a daily basis, not to mention the horrors within the community. What I’ve read is that at least one third (if not more) end up with PTSD because of the trauma they witness. Very few departments actually have a plan in place to prevent PTSD but I recently heard an NPR interview with the Fire Chief of Tucson. Their program to help prevent PTSD sounds very good. EVERY fire department in the US should have something like it but they don’t.

    Saudi Arabia is Disneyland for Autocrats!

  • katanahamon

    Well..we are seeing the last vestiges of other countries’ respect for the power (and money) that the US represents. This extends to them being willing to go to the lengths of “the emperor’s new clothes” and showing respect to a person they know is a total fraud. What other choice do they have? This is why they (Rump’s handlers) scheduled this trip, and some “normal” media outlets like CNN are taking the bait and publishing stories about how now “Trump is an international leader” just because ..apparently he can travel by plane.

    It’s hard to feel sympathy for Melania. I’ll leave it at that.
    Belief and fact being equated in this age is really unbelievable except for the fact it is quite evident. After the disaster of the Bush dynasty, we allowed the right wing to steal a Supreme Court seat, and elect Donald Rump. The irony is then that they turn around and say our most pressing issue is how terrible the religions of the Middle East are (to distract from the rape and pillage of America by the one percent.) Once they’ve fully destroyed our educational system, which they certainly are in the process of, we won’t be able to recover. We can’t afford to support our disabled, yet we can spend billions on a “wall” that protects against false statistics, and trillions and trillions on nuclear weapons, the military, and tax cuts for the already obscenely wealthy.

    • Ziggy Blue

      Very eloquent, kat. An inspired analysis and it, actually, gives me hope. My feeling is that our philosophy is guided by our “better angels.” My hope is that our “better angels” will, everntually, overcome the morally bankrupt death march of Trumpism. Or maybe I’m just an unhinged optimist.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Terrific show today, guys! Both funny and informative. BTW, I’m going to have to start listening to “The Professional Left” , it’s got to be good! And something Blue Gal mentioned, is it really ONLY a few weeks since the repub victory rally at the WH? God!! I would have sworn it was at least a couple years ago——-that’s how it feels, anyway. This presidency is going to kill me! At least I’m lucky enough to live where when I’m in the car for long drive times I can tune in WCPT, and don’t have to listen to Limpy! In fact, tomorrow a.m. I’m going to my sister’s—– about 74 miles away, and I’ll listen to you on Steph. Thanx for a great show!

  • Nan Moder

    Bob, You missed a shit at 01:01:00… sorry. Great show. Drift is a good guy. Friend from Spark’s Sat. show. Sorry about that dust up too. Nan

    • Ruthaworrell

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  • Ziggy Blue

    I’m dying. Laughing so hard my head is going to explode. Bob and friends’ take on Trump’s visit to Yad Vashem was ludicrously funny beyond words.

  • Michael B. Conway

    He is pure evil.He is not even pretending he is not.