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Bob Cesca
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RELM_buttonBiggus Dickus: It's Thuggish Thursday with the great Jacki Schechner; GOP candidate assaults Guardian reporter; Rick Wilson's outstanding tweetstorm; Trump embarrasses the United States with profoundly stupid NATO speech; The brand new CBO report on Trumpcare; McConnell's worried about the votes for Trumpcare; Bob's theory on kompromat; England refusing to share intelligence on Manchester attack with America; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, Blue Apron, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Tommy Petraglia

    First time at this site and tried the audio clip and even though I claim coining the descriptive “Trumptard” on Yahoo! comment pages to describe the uneducated white male demographic of America with a 4th grade reading level who put this man on office, after just 4 minutes I find this glib banter “unlistenable”, esp tedious was the 90 sec opening bit taken from ‘Idiocracy’ a movie so supremely mind numbing I actually tossed the sleeping cat from my lap and scrambled for the channel clicker when I awoke to it running on the cable channel I feel asleep to that evening so many years ago. Wouldn’t and couldn’t watch it then and certainly with my right to chose still intact would not subject myself to it now, though I did bear through it intent to give Bob Cesca a chance, but what then followed was equally abrading.

    Though totally aligned with the message, my hyper anxious inner person will not allow me to subject myself to this brand of idle morning zoo talk radio in the call and answer format made popular by Howard Stern.

    I say this regret as I so wanted to join in the takedown of this travesty seated at the head of our government….. travesty being the entire Rethuglican Party in power, but find no challenge in the being low brow

    • 1) You can skip any part of the show using your audio player of choice. This isn’t radio. You can fast forward, rewind, or jump ahead at the touch of a button.
      2) Idiocracy is a satire of dumbness in politics — the scene I played makes a statement about convincing people who are too dumb to get it. Clearly, you’re among them.
      3) For a guy who claims to have invented “Trumptard,” you take yourself way too seriously.
      4) There are dozens of boring, cookie cutter, super-serious political podcasts out there. You obviously don’t understand satire, so my show isn’t for you.
      5) Brawndo’s got electrolytes.


  • Badgerite

    Your observation that trump is not working for the US is spot on. He is working for Vladimir Putin. And it could not be more obvious. Jesus. Leader of the free world?
    The rest of the free world hates him. And justifiably so. He is an undignified, mendacious, ignorant, idiot megalomaniac. He is the “Ugly American” personified.
    Deplorable, even.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Yeah—-I remember hearing Rump say what Jacki said—-“I know all the best people”———-Makes me wonder why the hell he didn’t hire any of them! He is a horror show of a president——this is really(very, very, very) humiliating for the country. He’s making us all look like goddamned morons for electing him. And actually, those who voted for him may well fall into that category, the rest of us do not deserve this!!! And it’s official, Jared Kushner is the “close advisor” in the WH the FBI is scrutinizing!

  • The reporter’s voice was quavering in shock. The poor guy was just asking a question and at worst he put his microphone in Gianforte’s face (which is very common) but the reporter’s tone wasn’t aggressive at all! If you listen closely you can hear thwacks as if Gianforte is punching him, which lines up with what the eyewitnesses saw. Gianforte really needs to be prosecuted for this but I’m sure he won’t be. If he wants to be a politician he better get used to having microphones being shoved in his face FFS. Attacking a member of a press is simply NOT acceptable to patriotic Americans, which apparently doesn’t include Paul Ryan who is STILL endorsing Gianforte. Now conservatives are saying the reporter is a wimp for not hitting Gianforte back. But I guaran-effing-tee you if he had, the reporter would have been arrested on the spot.

  • katanahamon

    The sheer lies told about the altercation should absolutely disqualify this guy from being elected. If they lie about a witnessed, audio recorded event, what will they lie about that isn’t recorded or witnessed? Rump’s ability to lie and skate has emboldened them all. The tweets in support of the assault are shocking. We must, MUST put a stop to them! The scary thing is that in Montana, this cretin could get MORE votes because of this incident!

    Rump is a fine one to talk about “not paying your fair share.” How much tax has he paid? How many times have we bailed him out so he can shit in a gold f’ing toilet?

    Repubs want to ensure insurance companies maximize their profits at the expense of every American. We simply can’t sustain the lie, as the only country without single payer, that for profit healthcare is in any way beneficial except for insurance companies. That simple. Obamacare was only a start, a tiny step in the right direction..this repeal and turnaround back to the dark ages means we can forget about America prospering. We will spend all our money on the insurance companies, or what little care we can afford, we won’t have any money to spend so the economy will crash.